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dacostad's Avatar dacostad 10:54 AM 01-03-2002
Just in case anyone has any questions, I now have the new HP de100c digital music center.

stuatwork's Avatar stuatwork 02:15 PM 01-03-2002
How long do You have it? I'm using a Dell Rio Audio receiver hooked to my stereo streaming music from my computer.

I'm tired of always making sure the computer is on in another room. I love the idea of a dedicated hard drive music server.

Can it be hooked into the home network and files transferred into it via the network?

What are the downsides that you see.

I noticed that SonicBlue is coming out with a hard drive server in Feb '02. But it'll sell for $1,400. A little steep I think.

How much did you pay for the HP?

Sorry for being so long winded.
dacostad's Avatar dacostad 02:31 PM 01-03-2002
I have had it now for about a week and it has replaced 3 Sony ES range CD changers that I had and to my ears even at 128bit encoding sounds great.

Yes it can be hooked into the home network either via HPNA or Ethernet and also has a phone modem for linking to CDDB if you dont have a network.

I have a wireless network in the house and via a access point in bridge mode plus a switch have it conected to my LAN.

I spent the last three days ripping on 3 PC's my CD collection (about 500 CD) and then sending the MP3 to the HP. You do this very simply by going to the Network Neighbourhood where you see the HP and a shared folder (which you must enable on the HP) called Import. You copy the MP3's to here and the HP automatically picks them up and puts them wherever it puts them.

As to the downsides, I really have not seen any yet, just upsides. The GUI is a bit simplistic at the moment, but at the same time very simple to navigate. The system can be updated over the net by HP (like ReplayTV) so I am sure it will evolve. Especially as the MP3 player software is from RealNetworks so hopefully it will get some of the great features of there new RealOne player (including album covers).

There are some functions that do not work yet like being able to order cd's via the HP, but the internet radio and streaming video functions do work.

I looked at the SonicBlue, but there is not much on it in terms of details such as network capabilities or HD size. I was also a bit put of by the LCD only display - not TV output. The HP has a very useable display on it which you could use to navigate without turining on the TV.

I bought it direct from HP and paid $999.

Hope that helped and feel free to ask any further questions.
BoilerTom's Avatar BoilerTom 08:41 AM 01-05-2002
One question regarding the network, you can drop files into the HP, but can you go the other way, ie. read files from it? In other words can I also use the HP as a mass storage device and have other PC's on my network access the MP3 files? or does it hide itself from everything else on the network?

dacostad's Avatar dacostad 12:31 PM 01-05-2002
No you can't go the other way. Once you drop files into the shared IMPORT directory the HP "sucks" them in and then they are hidden.

What I did after ripping them on my 4 pc's is and sending copies to the HP, is send them all to my Apple G4 to both act as a backup (I would not like to have to rip them all again) and also act as a center for other uses of the MP3 which includes using iTunes to synch with my Apple iPod MP3 player.
acourvil's Avatar acourvil 10:15 AM 01-08-2002
I'm thinking about getting one of these, and had a couple of questions:

Is the network setup pretty straightforward (i.e., a choice of automatic setup through DHCP or manual setup with static IP/gateway, etc)?

What ripping options are there (i.e, what data rates are supported, does it allow variable bit rates, etc.)?

Have you tried burning CDs? If so, any comments on speed and ease of use? My inclination would be to have the HP unit do the ripping, then burn CDs for backup and transfer to other systems.

How effective is the display on the unit? Can you start/stop play, review and set up playlists, etc. with it reasonably? The entertainment setup I have has a TV that takes a little while to warm up, so a nicely functional on-unit display would be a big plus.
dacostad's Avatar dacostad 05:51 AM 01-09-2002
The network setup is very straight forward.

You can rip directly on the HP at 96, 128, 160, 192 and 256kps. I dont think it supports VBR. However, you can probably use VBR ripping on a PC then transfer them to the HP via a LAN.

I have not tried burning cd's directly on the HP, but I am sure it works fine just like any PC.

I ripped my CD collection (500 cd's) in 2 days on 3 PC's then transferred the files to the HP and also sent all the files to my Apple G4 to use with iTunes and my iPod and also to act as my backup.

The display on the unit is totally adequate for selecting and playing music without using the TV.

Hope that helps

I have also set up am egroup for the HP to try to get HP owners to share tips, experiences etc. (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hpde100c/)
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