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10-16-2008 | Posts: 50
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Am going to one of our VP's homes to assist an AV installer who is having an issue getting AppleTV installed. The client is running a Uverse setup.

Both the AppleTv box and the Itunes PC are connected on the network though you cant ping the ATV box from the PC. I have read that Apple devices use Bonjour to connect TCP/IP devices so no responses to ping may not be an issue.

Their AV guy put both the ATV and the Itunes PC on their own switch bypassing the RG and still the ATV box doesnt see the Itunes PC. Have disabled all firewall SW. Apple says the ATV uses UDP port 5353 to discover Itunes PC's on the network. Not sure if that port is closed on the RG or not but was wondering if this might be the case. Will be onsite tomorrow to find out first hand.

Has anyone set one of these up before and run into something like this?
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10-16-2008 | Posts: 196
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I have an Apple TV and got UVerse yesterday. I am using the RG in DMZ+ mode, using my old Linksys Router as the DMZ host. Therefore, most of the LAN settings haven't changed. DHCP, firewall, etc.

The Apple TV continues to work fine with the iTunes workstation (streaming film and music). I would make sure that the iTunes can communicate with the ATV device (it will list it on iTunes GUI if everything is working OK). If you need to reconnect to the iTunes server, the ATV should prompt you to do that.

I doubt the RG has any rigorous FW settings for the LAN. That would be confusing to most customers. Sometimes I forget to launch iTunes after I have rebooted my workstation. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best.
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10-16-2008 | Posts: 50
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Thanks for responding, should we be able to ping the AppleTV box from the PC? Also, the iTunes does not have to be running on the host PC, right?
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10-17-2008 | Posts: 196
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yes, the AppleTV responds to pings on the LAN, either from the PC/Mac running iTunes or other Mac's on the LAN. (I just ping'd mine here on the LAN).

Music/Movie streaming/sharing or Picture sharing require iTunes/iPhoto to be running on the PC/Mac, obviously. I didn't understand the question, otherwise.
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10-19-2008 | Posts: 36
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Your problem has nothing to do with uverse.

This is simply a network communications issues. Make sure the PC and Apple TV are on the same network (my mac sometimes connects to someone else's wireless network). For simplicity, disable wifi for each and connect PC and ATV directly to the same switch.

What's the DHCP configuration that each are assigned?

As someone said, the ATV will respond to pings. You might be have a faulty ATV. Once connected to the network, can you browse movie trailers with the ATV? This may help confirm you have Internet communication.
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11-08-2008 | Posts: 50
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yes, your diagnosis was correct. This client is an ATT VP and had two RG's in his home to acccomodate 12 plasma displays (one RG supports 8 displays max)

The AV installer had placed the ATV on the second RG which is on its own separate network and is not bridged with the primary. After some discussion and clarification that RG#2 should have STB's attached only, we moved the ATV to RG#1 and were able to ping it. Simple solution. However, the ATV never appeared in the clients iTune's. After more investigation this is a common problem with PC based platforms running v8.0 iTunes.

After researching in the ATV forums and some futile attempts to remedy, we reimaged the PC in the interest of time. All working now.
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