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jgantert's Avatar jgantert 11:37 AM 11-22-2010
Originally Posted by wagabond View Post

Is this from the UI/Internet/Local playback experience as compared to the ote rplayers you mentioned ?

Just a quick rundown compared to the other players...

Viewsonic VMP75 - this one wouldn't even connect to my network shares (XP simple share, Ubuntu Samba share). Netflix was ok but didn't work with DHCP -- needed static IP. So basically, it did nothing that I wanted, and I returned it.

WDTV Live+ - this connected ok, and worked fine. Netflix was good, but basic interface. The Samba interface was a mess. No thumbnail support (only works for attached storage), and you need to page thru your library at 10 movies at a time. Oh, and it didn't notice that when you are browsing Videos, it shows images as well (and thumbnails are images too!). So you are browsing 1000 "movies" even though you have 500, there are 500 thumbnail images to browse thru first. It was a UI nightmare.

Boxee box - great interface. Still needs some polish (FF/RW, subtitles, etc) -- same stuff you've heard about here. Great scraping of IMDB, and network movies. For those who are complaining about network content, I bet they havent tried Navi-X yet. Make sure to create a Navi-X account and login first. TONS of apps (139 official, too 3rd party many to list). It's amazing how much network content is there. So far, it has played my movies like a champ (MPG w/ subtitles, HD MKV, SD ISO, HD M2TS). I don't have BD ISO (hate BD menus). Haven't tried HD-DVD yet, is it even supported?

Anyway, my 2 cents. And this is all with v1.0 software. The Viewsonic was on its 3rd firmware update and it couldn't even connect to my network shares!

Dorfdad's Avatar Dorfdad 11:04 AM 11-23-2010
Where is the update please tell me it will be out TODAY for all of us? Family visiting and I need my MOVIE collection to work!! Try sitting 4 kids around a 20' monitor for Thanksgiving! UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!
rogo's Avatar rogo 02:19 PM 12-02-2010
I see the promise of the Boxee Box. That much should be clear to most readers.

That said, I think mine is going to go back at this point. I believe Boxee is trying really hard to make it great and might get there eventually. I'm just not excited about also needing a remote to make it work with IR, the issues with how to balance the need to keep it on with the fact it uses a decent amount of power to do nothing, etc.

As far as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, I -- like many of you -- have something else and that something else is (a) already plugged in and (b) already works over IR. The "other channels" are mostly the kind of junk internet video I'd watch on my laptop anyway. I think I expected this to just be a great way to watch my ripped movies and also to support streaming services, all with a fast UI, a good power footprint, and really the ability to keep that inside "one activity" on the Harmony.

Fact is, support for Hulu regular was once going to be the selling point for this. I've moved on and realize that free Hulu requires a computer. Aside from the fact I generally don't need the stuff you get on Hulu Plus, I can't stand that Hulu Plus is literally missing scores of shows that are on Hulu. When that changes, the $8/month might seem less offensive.

I've been a big "one box to rule them all" guy but for whatever reason, we kept our DVD player in the mix to play DVDs despite the fact we've used the PS3 to watch BluRays. I guess that was an artifact of the PS3 pre-Logitech adapter, when the remote sucked. But months after that was fixed, my wife noticed me using the PS3 for a DVD and said "why don't we always do that?"

She was right of course and it made me realize what I'm after is "one new box maximum to handle streamed content the PS3 can't handle as well as my local files since the PS3 is so abysmal in that regard."

I've been explaining for months why Boxee needed to have Netflix commercially and yet that had no personal effect on me because my BluRay player -- a PS3 -- already has a great Netflix client. When it surprisingly also got Vudu, I felt that it was Amazon VOD short of perfection int the streaming / rental world. But Boxee doesn't add that to the mix, so it's hardly a reason for me to stay with Boxee.

Essentially, if I decide vanilla Hulu matters to me, I need a computer period. If I decide it doesn't and I'm willing to let the PS3 proscribe my online content world, what I want is an IR-capable, near-zero-power standby single box to play back my ripped movies and TV shows. That box is not the Boxee. And maybe it will be, but it just isn't.
GhostXtreme's Avatar GhostXtreme 02:39 PM 12-02-2010
Placed an order at Dell Home Outlet ( over phone ) with Free Shipping and Coupon $1XPDKGGKSCT32

$169 + tax

You can try via this link for Dell Home Outlet ( Coupon works here ) :

But you won't get Free Shipping until you call them on the phone ( 1-888-518-3355 )

BTW, if you have an Discover Card, you can get an EXTRA 10% cashback, bring the total to ~$151 + tax. See for details.
jmpage2's Avatar jmpage2 02:42 PM 12-02-2010
Originally Posted by GhostXtreme View Post

Placed an order at Dell Home Outlet ( over phone ) with Free Shipping and Coupon $1XPDKGGKSCT32

$169 + tax

You can try via this link for Dell Home Outlet ( Coupon works here ) :

But you won't get Free Shipping until you call them on the phone ( 1-888-518-3355 )

I've actually been anticipating a price drop on Boxee at Amazon as the reception has been pretty lukewarm at this point.

Might drop to $179 before Xmas or shortly after.
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