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mimepp's Avatar mimepp 08:11 PM 04-22-2011
Subject: UMSPX - porting UMSP to windows and linux

umspx is an extension for UMSP.

Project Page:

umspx could stream many kinds of online media content to your TV
* youtube, picasa, apple-trailers, rss reader, netitv, qiyi, etc
umspx could run under Windows, Linux, Mac OS and other OS which supports "Apache + PHP".
Therefore, upnp devices (include wdtv) could play UMSP too, e.g.: PS3, XBOX.

More Screen Shots:

Demo Video:


How to run UMSPX on windows:

How to run UMSPX on linux:


For Developer:

Mail list:

test with PS3
test with XBOX

== v0.1 2011-04-22 ==
* initial release
* umspx could run on windows and linux now.


mimepp's Avatar mimepp 06:27 AM 04-25-2011
if you have xbox,ps3, and other upnp devices, please help to test umspx.
mimepp's Avatar mimepp 11:27 PM 04-28-2011
do you have a ps3, xbox?
mimepp's Avatar mimepp 09:28 AM 05-04-2011
day day up...
mimepp's Avatar mimepp 09:59 PM 05-06-2011
up ..........
mimepp's Avatar mimepp 07:57 PM 05-09-2011
day day ... up
mimepp's Avatar mimepp 07:04 AM 05-14-2011
mimepp's Avatar mimepp 12:05 AM 06-26-2011
up ... todo
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