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Gigahertz21's Avatar Gigahertz21 12:44 AM 01-31-2012
I recently bought a new gen WD TV Live that has the updated GUI and when I go to play this movie (Men in Black) it will play it for about 30 secs with no sound then freeze. I hit "home" on the remote and went back to try a different movie that I've already played and it just says, "Unable to play the selected file. Please refer to the user manual on how to change the file to a supported format."

No matter what video/movie I selected after that it just repeated the same message, I had to do a hard reset by unplugging the unit then plugging it back in since powering it down using the remote didn't do anything. After that I tried several of my other movies, all worked fine. I went back to try playing Men in Black again to see if the problem would repeat, yep, so it's definitely the movie, however it is encoded messes up the player completely.

What's funny is I tried playing it on my older WD TV Live and it works fine, so they must have fixed the bug but didn't incorporate it into the firmware for the new gen WD TV

The video/audio encode specs are below, if you want to replicate the problem, just visit the usual torrent sites and search for "men in black icebane" it's almost 3GB in size.

Video Specs:
Container and Codec: MP4 | H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
Frontend And Writing Library: Ripbot264 | x264 core 104 r1683 62997d6
Bitrate: 3896 Kbps
Maximum Bitrate: 25.0 Mbps
Encoding: 2 Pass | High@L4.0
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Display Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Quality Factor (QF): 0.078
Frame Rate: 23.976 Fps

Audio Specs:
Audio Codec And Type: Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) | MPEG-4 (mp4a)
Writing Application: Nero AAC codec |
Bitrate Mode: Variable
Bitrate: 317 Kbps
Maximum Bitrate: 333Kbps
Sample Rate: 48.0 KHz
Channel Count: 6 Ch - Front: L C R, Rear: L R, LFE

msgohan's Avatar msgohan 02:57 PM 01-31-2012
You should really remove your info about torrents.

This is a problem several of us have been having with MP4 files, and have posted about it in the relevant thread. Voting up the issues on WD's Community site seems to be the only thing that might help them to see it.
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