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john drake's Avatar john drake 07:46 AM 07-08-2012
Hi everyone, I would appreciate some advice on the best and way to play my music on my computer through my stereo unit.
I have a wireless connection on the computer and have looked at the HP Wireless Audio box which looks expensive for what it is doing.
I have tested it with cables into my stereo amp ok now I would like to do it by a wireless solution.
The computer is located in the next room to the Stereo unit about 20 foot away.
Thank you.
Regards John.

scl23enn4m3's Avatar scl23enn4m3 10:33 AM 07-08-2012
Bluetooth or iTunes and an Airport Express are the best methods that come to mind.
MarkHotchkiss's Avatar MarkHotchkiss 01:29 PM 07-08-2012
Originally Posted by scl23enn4m3 View Post

Bluetooth or iTunes and an Airport Express are the best methods that come to mind.
Yes, Airport would be a good solution. Bluetooth would work as well, but keep in mind that it uses a lossy compression method. You should also be able to find a few inexpensive WiFi solutions.
StratmanX's Avatar StratmanX 02:28 PM 07-08-2012
EDIT - Sorry. Misread your first post and thought your stereo already has WiFi built in. Disregard what I wrote below.

The answer is not always easy since whatever you first try may not work, so purchase from a store with a strong return policy.

The best solutions in descending order are cat 5/6 cable, MoCA, Powerline Home Plug, WiFi. I don't know where Bluetooth falls along this path.

There a couple of ways of setting up WiFi as well: One AP or one AP plus one Bridge/Repeater. It all depends on distance from the AP, interference from objects in the signal pathway (walls, furniture, plumbing, electrical, glass, etc), interference from electrical devices in and around your home, and interference from neighbor's WiFi signal.

If all you want to wirelessly transmit are MP3's, then WiFi may be the least expensive and easiest solution. An inexpensive remanufactured router may provide all you need. One thing to keep in mind is knowing what your needs are. If you have no other use than streaming MP3 then try WiFi first.

You also might want to figure out what the NIC adapter is in your stereo before purchasing a wireless router. Is it wireless B, G, or N device? Does it have one, two, or three radios (and have 1, 2, or 3 antenna) - with maximum theoretical speeds up to 54 Mbps, 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps or 450 Mbps? Does it operate only on the 2.4 GHz band or is it a dual band device capable of operating on both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands? If the stereo device is B or G rated and incapable of speeds greater than 54 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band, then your choice of a wireless router may be even lower cost as long as you have no other wireless needs and are not concerned with any new devices able to use wireless N in the near future. Lastly, make sure you are able to use the highest security level possible based on the NIC adapter device in your stereo, with WPA2 being the most desired.

Try to match up your needs with the specifications/limits of your hardware, including other needs besides your stereo now and in the near future. Purchase from a store with a liberal return policy where you do not pay a restocking fee or other penalty. You won't know what will work satisfactorily until you try.
Marty913's Avatar Marty913 04:28 PM 07-08-2012

It isn't entirely clear from your post what your situation is (I may be reading it wrong). I'm assuming your computer is wireless so you have a router in the house, but your stereo receiver does not have wireless and maybe not even Ethernet. Is that correct? When you say you tested it using "cables", did that mean you used regular RCA stereo cables for the test, or did it mean you used network cable (meaning your receiver has an RJ45 Ethernet jack).

IF the above assumptions are true then you will need some sort of wireless media receiver box. Is the question a "what box" type or a "how to" type question, or both. Not being critical, just trying to narrow down the solution list.
rdgrimes's Avatar rdgrimes 04:54 PM 07-08-2012
Audio Engine has a pair of USB dongles that I use and like. USB powered, both ends use a 1/8" stereo analog connect for the audio. No dropouts like RF audio links I've used, this uses wireless networking technology with abundant bandwidth for stereo audio.
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