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bradcampbell 07-14-2012 08:21 PM

Alright Gents ...

Getting settled up in a house I built .. and rand cat6 everywhere ... ( FYI .. every cable has been verified with my fluke meter for 1g performance )

In my server Room ..

I have a dedicated windows media center pc w/ Ceton Cable Card
48Port Netgear 1Gig Switch
Seagate Black Armor 440 Nas


Man Cave/Family Room
Projector w/ Media Center PC

Master Bed , 2 Kids Rooms
Xbox 360's as extenders

On My NAS I have Digital Copies of all our DVD's and BLU-Ray Movies , I utilized MakeMkv to copy
On My Media Center Center .. I have Shark's Codecs engaged and Media Browser
On My Proj-PC Media Center .. I again have SHark's Codecs engaged and Media Browser Service online

Both of these pc's map to the NAS for movie collection

No performance Problems watching any movies from Projector PC via Media Center
but from Xbox360 as Extender to the Media Center PC .. I can play SD DVD's with no problems .. Its when you get to the big 23gig + Blu Rays that I either stutter .. audio craps .. etc.

Am I doing this wrong ? Should I not do this with MKV format ? I am sure with the extenders its a matter of first negotiating with Media Center PC and then that PC having to pull from network the large movies

I am hoping for suggestions or ideas .. I am keeping my eye our for the Ceton Q to hit the market but with Xbox360 extender performance .. I am having doubts

Its just the Blue Ray movies ... all other SD movies and Live TV .. even HD run without a hiccup

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