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krassyg's Avatar krassyg 12:14 PM 07-27-2012
I recently discovered the Dune players and the Mymovies Ipad App. It was a love at first site; the ability to chose the movie and start playback directly from the Ipad just blew me away. On my server I have about 400 Blu Ray ISOs in a single folder. They play fine on my computers, but opening the folder on the Dune takes about 1-2 min. I suspect each movie needs to be in its own folder but I want to make sure before I start creating folders and naming them. Is that the case or I need to change something in the Dune menu?

Mr Eric's Avatar Mr Eric 12:26 PM 07-27-2012
Yes, mymovies needs every file to be in its own folder. If your files are all in one folder, you can use file2folder (google it) and it will create automatically a folder named like your file and put the file in it. Do this only if your files are correctly named by the movie name.
nikonf5's Avatar nikonf5 12:30 PM 07-27-2012
You dont need an app for that if you are using any version of windows greater than XP.

On the command line in the root of the drive, run the following commands in order:

for %v in (*.iso) do md "%~nv"
for %v in (*.iso) do move "%v" "%~nv "

That will do the same thing.
krassyg's Avatar krassyg 02:19 PM 07-27-2012
Thanks guys.
krassyg's Avatar krassyg 11:36 PM 07-27-2012
When I scan the main folder for movies, should I select "folder" or "file" in the search? Every .iso is in its own folder now.
Mr Eric's Avatar Mr Eric 03:21 AM 07-28-2012
Folder. File won't work.
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