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clvk07's Avatar clvk07 02:11 PM 08-08-2012

It seems that sometimes the router wireless speed drops to 0.8 -1MB for no reason. Doing a test with another PC same result, performing a wired test and jumps to 25-30MB straight away, doing the wirelss test and drops back below 1MB. Prior to this I was using a wndr3700 never had an issue. I went back to this because I sold the wndr3700 and went back to the 834b. (going to buy the wndr4500 in few months ).
The problem seems to be caused by another SSID. When that router is on it affects my router. I tried to change channels, and it seems that when the offending router is on channel 6 and I put my on 1 I got 15MB, no bad. However that router seems to be set to AUTO so it changes every time. I tried to move my router to another room no joy.
The strenght of the conflicting SSID is the same as my router, 5 bars, quite strong. Unfortunately is the channel of the offending router which is set to AUTO, so it's out of my control. If the offeding router is on channel 6 and I put mine on 1 I get about 10MB which is no bad,
I am not sure if the wndr3800 I was using didnt have the problem or this is a new connection which has started broadcasting after I moved to the older router. Going to buy a wndr3800 or a wndr4500 in few months but now I have this problem......

Selden Ball's Avatar Selden Ball 02:45 PM 08-08-2012
You should try to find whoever is responsible for the other wireless access point and persuade them to use a fixed channel.
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