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Johnnyzee99's Avatar Johnnyzee99 11:56 AM 08-29-2012
Is anyone interested in the Tivo Stream Transcoder?

I'm really thinking about it. It would make my ipod touch and ipad a TV and it seems I would have to wait for my Nexus 7 to get that option, but that creates 3 small tv's that can access the Tivo.

hps70w's Avatar hps70w 12:14 PM 08-29-2012
For anyone with a TiVo Premiere and an iDevice, this seems pretty sweet. A little high on the price, but still good. I'd be all over it if I had a Premiere.

Here's a decent review on the Stream: http://www.zatznotfunny.com/2012-08/tivo-stream-review/
Justin Sullins's Avatar Justin Sullins 12:19 PM 10-09-2012
couldn't find the proper thread to post this...I've had Tivo Premiere for 2+ yrs now and have had a terrible time trying to listen to my music on my Tivo from my PC. It works fine on my PS3 but not Tivo. Both Tivo and PS3 are connected via ethernet cable to same router. Tivo customer service couldn't figure it out. I got it to work one time.
Dbubba89's Avatar Dbubba89 10:31 PM 10-20-2012
I have the TiVo stream and really like it. It will replace a old flat screen in the exercise room and I saved money on not getting a rear entertainment system for our new car. Its a little buggy but most new tech is. The new iPad mini will be perfect addition with lots of storage. Finding new ways to use it every day.
Rob Greer's Avatar Rob Greer 04:10 PM 11-05-2012
I received my Stream on Friday. The fan noise is very, very loud. I didn't meter the db but it's louder than my VT50 fans and two 80mm case fans that I'm using to cool my partially enclosed AV cabinet (combined). It's so loud that I could hear the fan even at my normal listening volume while sitting on a couch from 8' feet away. I solved the problem by moving the Stream to my garage as I have a switch going down there. However, if I didn't have that location as an option, I would have returned it as there's no way I would deal with that kind of background noise in my media room.
bnishida's Avatar bnishida 07:38 AM 12-19-2012
Has anyone set one up with a suddenlink Tivo?
Dbubba89's Avatar Dbubba89 02:03 PM 04-13-2013
My TiVo stream works much better on the 5g network in my home very rarely has a problem streaming or downloading the 2.4 not so much.
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