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dboy's Avatar dboy 09:21 AM 09-26-2012
Onkyo 515 receiver. Have zone 2 speakers set up for listening to music around the house. Music is stored both on Google Music and server on home network. Control zone 2 playback/volume/etc via the android remote control app for Onkyo.

I can play music from the server via the onkyo app. But the interface sucks and there's no way to use the playlists and such from my Google music account (GM is our main music source - the files on the server are mostly for local backup and storage). Is there any streaming device that can access google music? Ideally something that I could remote control via android phone, since there's no tv in the zone 2 areas of the house.

My current plan is to get a bluetooth audio receiver, hook that to analog inputs on the onkyo, and just use google music app on the phone to play music. That would work, but it'd also require the phone to stay within BT range and drain the battery. Something like the Nexus Q sounds close to what I want, but that's $200 used now (and people say the interface isn't great since google dropped production of the device).

So, back to the question. Do any streaming devices access GM? Or is there a better way than my BT plan?

travon802's Avatar travon802 09:46 AM 09-26-2012
Sounds like you're basically looking at the Nexus Q or a Google TV device (Logitech Revue, Vizio, etc.) if Google Music is the preferred streaming method. It's interesting we kind of have the opposite situation. I use Google Music for backup and my server as the primary source. I have Squeezebox devices in my house that access the music on my server which is also an option for you if you don't absolutely need to access GM
dboy's Avatar dboy 10:08 AM 09-26-2012
Can you control any google tv devices from a phone? I don't want a tv in the bedroom where the speakers are just to be able to use the device.
travon802's Avatar travon802 10:50 AM 09-26-2012
Yes, there are a few Google TV remote apps on both Android and iOS. I would just read the release notes on the Play Store for the app you pick because you may have to follow additional steps for certain Google TV devices like the Vizio Co-star
dboy's Avatar dboy 11:18 AM 09-26-2012
Took a look at some googletv devices and some of the remote apps. Can't find a solid answer for this. Can any of them (any device/remote combo) let you browse google music on your phone and have the googletv device play it? The remote apps looked like they're just touch screen remotes, not a display for what the googletv device is doing. I want to browse and play music without needing a tv in the room.

I do have an ouya preordered, but that won't be coming till at least march.
Nethawk's Avatar Nethawk 03:28 PM 05-17-2013
I'm reviving this old thread. I've been using Google All Access for awhile now and am leaning toward this usurping my premium Spotify account. That one missing piece though is getting this to all of my sound systems. Two of them are directly connected to computers, but nothing is more friendly than Spotify plugin on Squeezebox for remote control. I have high hopes now that Google All Access has been publicly launched there will be some development for a squeezebox plugin.
cstmstyle's Avatar cstmstyle 10:21 AM 05-20-2013
I also have high hopes more companies will include Google Music streaming in their devices. With the upcoming rumored Google Media Device coming things may get a little easier then having to plug my phone into the receiver to use the service.
michaelsammler's Avatar michaelsammler 08:52 PM 07-09-2013
Is it ok to revive this thread? Still don't see a good way to get GPMAA in to my receiver.
I currently run an hdmi to my tv, and put a wireless mouse in the living room, but this is not idea.
The iTunes app on android works sooooo good.

Also, I use g-ear on my iMac, an apple app that can play all your music (purchased or not) from GPMAA. I am hoping they come out with an android app to control their pc app.
scoobdude's Avatar scoobdude 01:39 PM 07-13-2013
I have been using bubbleUPnP to stream anything on Google play all access. Only thing is it Reyes it to have been added to your library, thumbed up, and synced. I have a pioneer SC 1222 and it seems to send it via dlna. But through the receiver I cannot see what sing is next etc. But I do get meta minutes album art on the receiver.

I am going fit a better solution but this bought me some time. Also the free version of the app will only play for 30 minutes and week control the receiver (turn it on, change source, control volume).

If any one find anything better please let me know.
Nethawk's Avatar Nethawk 02:19 PM 07-13-2013
I have a solution that works for me, although rudimentary. Since my PC is directly connected to a 2 zone receiver I have a bit of flexibility in using the Google Music web page, and from my Android phone or tablet I use a PC remote app called Universal Remote (also available for iOS).

There's no word when Google will be releasing APIs for access. I'm thinking it will be awhile before a full featured solution exists.
travon802's Avatar travon802 03:26 PM 07-28-2013
Chromecast is now the main option for getting Google Music to your receiver. Hooks up via HDMI but you have to use a smartphone as the remote.
scoobdude's Avatar scoobdude 09:06 PM 07-28-2013
I was hoping for an option that did not require turning on the TV. Also while I do have the chromecast set as the default device on the receiver it does not seem to auto switch input but will turn the TV on. We are getting there.....slowly
GusGus748s's Avatar GusGus748s 11:54 PM 07-28-2013
I use the iControlAV 2012 app for my SC 1522, and I can access my music in my PC via network shares. It works okay. It doesn't have any other options such as "random play". It will only play which ever song is next. I can use by iPhones or iPads to control it.
Nethawk's Avatar Nethawk 10:36 AM 07-30-2013
Originally Posted by scoobdude View Post

I was hoping for an option that did not require turning on the TV. Also while I do have the chromecast set as the default device on the receiver it does not seem to auto switch input but will turn the TV on. We are getting there.....slowly

Interesting. I was at a music festival all weekend and unable to play with the Chromecast, but I look forward to working out a solution for Google Play this week. Hopefully others will share their experience.
Neil S. Bulk's Avatar Neil S. Bulk 11:08 AM 07-30-2013
I don't need my TV turned on to listen to music with the chromecast through my receiver. Right now I'm streaming Sirius to it right now from my browser and the TV is not turned on.
GusGus748s's Avatar GusGus748s 11:22 AM 07-30-2013
I might be interested in the Chromecast mainly for listening music. I understand that you can stream music from your tablet or phone to it. So, if you are sending flac or 192 kbps source of music does the Chromecast play it or does it downmix? It appears that streaming music only works from PC / Laptop and not mobile devices.
undecided's Avatar undecided 11:26 AM 07-30-2013
GusGus748s's Avatar GusGus748s 11:38 AM 07-30-2013
Originally Posted by undecided View Post

Supported Media Types

Thanks for that link. I Googled and found little information, and that helped make my decision to not buy this unit.
Nethawk's Avatar Nethawk 02:49 PM 07-30-2013
If you have made the decision to upload your collection to Google Play, you can combine their library with your own for playback via their app or website. The caveat is that any content uploaded in FLAC or ALAC are transcoded and played back at 320kbps MP3. Based on what I've understood so far any local MP3 files on tablet or phone can be cast, for lossless formats we're out of luck.

I keep my personal collection local, so I must resort to using different apps and devices for in-home distribution. I'm sticking with Squeezebox or my directly-connected computer, but will explore existing and upcoming options (there should be a deluge) with Chromecast just for fun.
cjvnyc's Avatar cjvnyc 05:30 AM 07-31-2013
You can't "Cast" a local MP3/music file (or a video file) from a device. On a device, you are limited to Google Play using Cloud storage. (However, as most of you know, you can upload an unlimited amount of your personal collection to GP). There will almost certainly be apps released, likely soon, to allow casting of local (read, device) files from a device to Chromecast.
scoobdude's Avatar scoobdude 08:53 AM 08-02-2013
Originally Posted by Neil S. Bulk View Post

I don't need my TV turned on to listen to music with the chromecast through my receiver. Right now I'm streaming Sirius to it right now from my browser and the TV is not turned on.

Fits your CC turn your TV on at all? I can turn the TV off and listen to music through the chromecast, but still that unital command of turning it on is annoying at best. Plus the music interface is kind of Meh. That being said bubble still sends to work best for me for music as I get the sing name in the display and no command to turn on the TV. One day it will ask just work.
scoobdude's Avatar scoobdude 01:52 PM 08-25-2013
Alright guys, looks like we are getting closer. I am not home right now so cannot try this, but this is done by the same guys that did bubble upnp

Please let me (as a user)/them(as a developer) know how it works.

Here is there google plus page
CarlesSR's Avatar CarlesSR 06:01 AM 09-14-2013
Did you manage to test it? I just downloaded it but I'm getting an error. Now investigating the issue...
scoobdude's Avatar scoobdude 06:06 AM 09-14-2013
Yeah. It has been working good. My only complaint is you cannot pause music. And selecting a point in the sing gives an error 500. Bit other than that it will play music and move to the next track.

The developer just released another update yesterday. Well try pause when I get a chance.

What error are you getting? Hit up the developer as he is really responsive. But the way I use the app is close everything on my phone, open the cast app, then hit the short cut in the app to open up play. Select renderer and push play.

Hope that helps.
CarlesSR's Avatar CarlesSR 11:52 AM 09-15-2013
FInally getting it working. It seems the error might be cause of the receiver not being in the "desired" state (namely, in NET mode and with DLNA selected). It's an Onkyo TX-NR709 receiver.

It seems to be playing ok now, but I experience a lot of delay loading a song (resulting in an excessive pause between tracks). I think my LAN's performance might be to blame, but I have to dig further into it; the tablet is wireless, but the receiver is wired to the router.

Thanks for the reply!
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