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Kyle_Gates's Avatar Kyle_Gates 02:16 AM 11-09-2012
I'll keep this as short as I can. I am looking for a decent media streamer for various locations in my house. Because....

In my home run I have a PC with around 15 terabytes of media (Music, Movies, TV) on it. I also have Twonky running on this PC for ease of use when streaming content to and from other areas of the house. Here is my issue, and this is almost strictly related to movie playback. Yes I own my discs and yes I have moved their content to this PC (may I rot in whatever dungeon they choose to throw me in).

To playback the content from this PC I have always used PS3's. Each TV/Theater....area.....has its own PS3 and Twonky has always run fine through the PS3. The issue is with a Blu Ray rip the PS3 seems to have issues with the audio in many cases. It will see my "library" and all titles fine but when I select certain movies to play I get the German audio track or the French or ANYTHING it seems but English. The PS3 also seems to have trouble finding and switching to the correct track. When the movie is played back right on the PC, say using MPC, it plays just fine and seems to default to the English track. What I am wondering is, what might be a better option (beyond a PC at every TV) for getting content from the PC?

-Each area is hard wired for Ethernet and I would prefer to avoid wi-fi ONLY boxes if possible.
-I could pretty much care less about online content but if its there (which it almost always is) whatever.

Any suggestions?

Alx330's Avatar Alx330 02:48 AM 11-09-2012
This is down to a variety of factors
1) DLNA ( what Twonky uses) is designed for single videos not disc structures like ISO, BDMV, VIDEO_TS which may contain multiple audio tracks.
2) Even if you have ripped the disc to a single video with multiple audio tracks due to the oddball nature of DLNA the PS3 way not always see or support that.

The solution without buying anything is properly rip your discs taking only one audio track. I would recommend MakeMKV, it will extract the movie to a single .mkv container (lossless no conversion), you can de-select all the audio tracks bar the English one before ripping in it's explorer pane. It also works on folders too so you dont have to feed it the original disc. I would suggest using Serviio instead of Twonky as well, Serviio does a much better job than Twonky when it comes to real time transcoding, the PS3 does not support the mkv container for instance but it can extract the video/audio in real time and copy it into another it might accept like .ts and if that doesn't work it simply converts in real time into another format entirely.

If you dont want to do that then get a Dune or WDTV Live media player and access the media on the PC via Samba/SMB (windows networking) not DLNA.
C0rk's Avatar C0rk 04:47 AM 11-09-2012
Another solution/workaround that avoids re-ripping is to find a BR/DVD player that has a "language" selector. (I don't have a PS3, maybe they have the capability too.)

I had the same problem with my vob rips and my Sony (580) allows me to change the language with one button press. (Strangely enough I was selecting only one language when ripping. I thought my ripper had a bug, and was re-ripping every which way to find a solution. I found the button workaround by accident.)

FWIW, this works with both Twonky and ReadyDLNA.
Kyle_Gates's Avatar Kyle_Gates 03:00 PM 11-09-2012
Erm....hadn't thought about replacing the "server" software I use. That may be an even BETTER solution. Thx I'll give Serviio a shot and see how it looks.
Kyle_Gates's Avatar Kyle_Gates 09:58 PM 11-09-2012
Well, install and setup for Serviio went swimmingly. But, I must have taken a misstep because (from the PS3 anyway) there is nothing there.

For example, I setup Serviio to find video content (really i just selected everything but there is only MKV, MP4 and AVI content on the drive) on an external drive I have with a bunch of various video content on it. Serviio seems to find teh drive just fine but when I then try and access the drive via a PS3 I see the folders but simply get the "no titles" msg indicating that there is nothing there. Oddly enough after a restart the PS3 does see ONE file. Angels and Demons. Only thing is, I dont have Angels and Demons on this drive and the file that Serviio seems to be saying is Angels and Demons is actually the "Iridori" demo video from CES a few years back. Its cute, Serviio finds all the metadate for Angels and Demons, cover art and everything but the file that plays when selected is Iridori. And despite the fact that there is 1.5 terabytes of video on the drive (100 or so titles), that is the only thing to show up.
Alx330's Avatar Alx330 03:28 AM 11-10-2012
You might want to re-do your media library in Serviio, when you add a path to be scanned be sure that the blue circle is also selected this tells Serviio to refresh the folder and look for new files, there is also a manual update library function in the control panel, give that a try. Also on the main screen make sure the IP address of the PS3 is using the PS3 profile.

Another option for DVD's is VOB2MPG, butfor Blu-ray's makemkv is easiest, there are apps like clownbd or txmuxer which allows placing the entire movie in a single .m2ts container may also work without transcoding needed.
Kyle_Gates's Avatar Kyle_Gates 11:23 PM 11-10-2012
Oh. Wait. Perhaps I was being impatient. With twonky, ya point it to the drive....30 seconds..files show up. Serviio seems to just take ForEVA to find the files but now..hey, they show up! Wish me luck from here!
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