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11-19-2012 | Posts: 12
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Here is my setup:
Samsung 3D TV
Samsung 3D BluRay
Onkyo 818
Synology 212 NAS
ATV2 (jailbroken with xbmc installed)

So I thought I had conquered the world when I jailbroke my ATV and installed XBMC. The problem is that playback stutters on many of my HD files. I do not want to have to convert my entire library to a format which will play nicely with the ATV, so I am looking for alternatives.

My NAS box houses all of my media. In a perfect world, I want a content streamer that will "see" the shares on my NAS, and work seamlessly to stream the movies that are on my server to TV.

I have been looking at the following options:
Pivos XIOS
Micca EP950
Building an HTPC

I do not need apps. I do not need extra ways to view Netflix or Vudu. I do not need Facebook integration.

I would prefer XBMC, but if it is going to have the same issues that I am currently having with my ATV, then I would be open to other ideas. I was informed on the xbmc message boards that the problems I am having with HD content is related to ATV only.

I am leaning in the direction of the XIOS. Has anyone used the Linux version of XBMC? How was the playback of HD media? Does it support 3D?
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11-20-2012 | Posts: 863
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The XIOS would be the way to go but it is still very early days, the linux firmware has really only just gone through alpha strange and the first proper beta 1 is due to be released soon. In other words expect issues but they are hunting them down and nailing them.

The XIOS supports MPEG-2, VC-1, MPEG-4, and H.264 via hardware however it seems Pivos is still feeling it's way through the hardware so I don't think anyone can say with absolute certainty on what it handles as it is still maturing, it's played most things I've thrown at at it and does handle some 1:1 BD rips done via MakeMKV. The linux firmware is on par with the AppleTV2 version of XBMC performance wise more or less. 3D support is unusual at first it didn't play H.264 MVC videos but now it does, however the one demo clip I had was low enough bitrate it could have been the CPU decoding it but a few firmwares back it refused to play the same file at all.

The best thing to do is head over to the Pivos forums and post a sample of the videos your using and ask anyone to test them, that way you know for sure at least if it can play such files.
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