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ak85lp's Avatar ak85lp 01:37 PM 11-28-2012
I am following another link on this site about How to Get rid of my cds.

It's a great post and rather than hijack it I have a bit of a different requirement.

#1. I want a cheap solution
#2. I want to rip my music (over 1000 cds) in Flac format to an external hard drive and link it to my wireless router
#3. The ability to also play music concerts that I have ripped from my own DVD collection as either iso images or mkv would be great too. I would watch them on the TV with main home theater system.

The way that I want to use this is to be able to control music out on my deck. My PC sits on the top floor and my AV Receiver is in the basement, both are not connected in anyway. I do have a pair of speakers outside on the deck that is hooked to an old receiver in my garage and Sony 5 changer cd player. The speakers are about 20 feet away and separated by stairs and the garage.Two problems exist with this.

1- You need to load the cds you want and shuffle play them
2- Since the receiver is in the garage there is no control of volume from the deck (no there is no remote)

I like the idea of the Airport Express and being able to use that. As far as I can figure you hook the AE to your AVR and then control the music through ITunes on either a smartphone or an Ipad. I have neither but I might be willing to get an IPOD just for this reason.

I would be willing to move the outdoor speakers to my main AVR downstairs and use the AiportExpress with that. That way I could also play music direct from the basement through my main speakers but control the Flac playlist remotely.

-is there an better option and a way to control it? As I mention I want to keep it simple and not get a device on the deck.

- I don't want another PC in the basement either.

Thanks smile.gif

bowmah's Avatar bowmah 05:45 PM 11-30-2012
For music, you can spend big money $500-$1000 for Airplay speakers. But using an Apple TV + ipad / iphone / ipod, you can stream music from iTunes to the Apple TV that has an HDMI out to your receiver. In fact, you can Airplay from iTunes to Apple TV without an ipad / iphone / ipod. You just need to be run to the PC to change playlists, volume etc...

Before I ramble more, let me know if you are interested to go into the Apple setup. Not everyone is. And iTunes does not natively support flac files, you need to convert it, which is a pain. If you can live with iTunes quality for music, I can share.
ak85lp's Avatar ak85lp 01:56 PM 12-06-2012
Sorry for the late reply but I ended up buying a Western Digital media player. I think it will do everything I want but I just need some interface to use out on the deck in the summer to control the online remote control. Maybe my daughter's old Ipod would be fine for just getting to that webpage.
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