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Here is what I want to do:

I have an external hard drive connected to my wireless cloud router esentially giving me a NAS. I want to access my movies stored on the hard drive with my Samsung smart TV. All devices are connected by LAN.

Here is the components Im working with:


D-Link DIR-636L Cloud Router

Western Digital My Book 3TB

Xbox 360

I want to stream the movies without having to have another computer always running. I just want to turn on the tv and access the files on the hardrive and watch a movie. All devices are DLNA compatible. I have tried a few things on my own but i'm beyond my realm of knowledge on this. There has to be a way to do this that im missing.

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Odds are you will be disappointed with the results streaming to the TV. While in theory it should work, in reality the stuff built into the sets is hobbled at best and will not ever do what you want consistently. Manufactures only pay for a part of a DNLA service that suits them and allows them to proudly advertize they are DNLA enabled.

The Xbox can serve as a streamer, or yo can add something like the WD Live unit. From experience forget trying to get the TV to stream on a consistent basis
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I actually have to disagree since i got e550 tv as well and i find it very capable. I do have full fledge htpc and two xbox 360 extenders and i find streaming with e550 much more capable then xbox (wmce or native video player). No cuts off on very high bitstream hd rips and plays literally every file (where xbox wmce would have ocasional hiccup with some mkv for ex).
So even though i have this xbox for extender purposes only, i see i will run samsung much more. Only problem i see with samsung is that when optical audio is used to feed sound to audio receiver it doesnt output 5.1. But then afain xbox doesnt either.

Original Problem can Be attributed to a wd setup. Is this device visible on the network, and are all options for dlna and configuration turned on and set as per manual?

Without being in the room its hard to guess complicated troubleshooting of networks and communication.

After this wd is configured and accessible from other devices (xbox , pc, laptop...) then its time to play with tv settings.

It should show up when you press source button beside hdmi/component and other inputs.

You should check if you can install plex server on wd and then plex app client onto Tv and then access media through this nice app. It looks amazing.
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You need a DLNA server running, the only way is to run something like PLEX or Serviio on a PC, or have another device that is a DLNA server. If your files are compatible with the Samsung TV, you can connect directly to the TV via USB, but that is usually a problem. Best to get some type of network media player/htpc that does not require DLNA, like a WD live, or keep a server running.
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If you do not want to involve your PC at all, you will need to invest in a small unit called a NAS.. (Synology, Q-Nap, Netgear, Drobo, etc.). Some of them can get pretty pricey. If you only need 3TB worth of data (one hard drive worth) you can buy a single bay NAS for one hard drive. This will not help with your external hard drive tho (You could always open it up and use the hard drive located inside of it if you wanted to do that).

The problem is your Samsung TV or Xbox is going to need something to "feed" the media files to it. Your external hard drive alone does not include the needed software to feed the files. It can STORE the files..but the DLNA on your Samsung TV needs to communicate with a piece of software to say "ok here you go TV here is the media files you're requesting". I would not suggest building your own NAS server if you're not technically sound.

There are many ways and setups you can do this. You can go with a cheaper route or you can go with a pricer route that may be more visually pleasing in the experience.

Here is a link to a 2-Bay (can hold up to 2 internal hard drives) NAS that is pretty affordable, allows expansion, and it works really well:
Keep in mind the above price does NOT include any hard drives. It's also fairly easy to set up for even a novice.. It may look scary but there is a guide that will walk you through the whole process. If you do in fact use such a device it is capable of feeding your media files to your TV WITHOUT having to involve your PC at all.. The NAS units use a very minimal amount of power and they operate fairly quietly.

You would connect the NAS via ethernet cable to your router and once setup your TV should be able to "see" the NAS unit with all of your media files located on it.

You also have the option of running free software (I suggest Plex Media Server) on your PC...and connecting your current external hard drive to your PC and use that as storage for your media files. Your Samsung TV would then connect to your PC via ethernet cable (wireless is not good for streaming movies in most cases) and your PC would serve the files. This would be the lowest cost option for you with the equipment you have...but obviously it would involve your PC use.

I tried to explain all of this as simply as I can...hope it helps
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Samsung SmartTVs are able to read files and play media, although it prefers to do it from an attached flash drive.

The problem could relate to a few things which are hard to diagnose from here.

#1) Samsung SmartTVs are notoriously finnicky about where the files are located. There are numerous posts about files being read and played on the Sammy from a thumbdrive but not from a NAS. This is where NavySeal's advice comes in.

#2) The Sammys only recognize a very limited range of file formats. There are a lot of problems reported with HD media.

#3) Your NAS must be properly configured. There is probably an IP address you can put into your computer's browser to access a Graphic User Interface or "GUI". From there you would configure your DLNA options and refresh your media list.

#4) If your NAS has TwonkyMedia, you might consider using it. You'll need to turn on your Sammy and have it connect to your NAS. Go to your computer and access the NAS' GUI.
- select Twonky Media Settings -> Media Receivers
- in the list which appears you will need to find the entry for your Samsung TV (by it’s ethernet MAC address/IP Address – you can find these in your Samsung TV menus if you need to find out)
- for this entry change the menu item from “Generic Media Receiver” to “Samsung TV”
- click “Save Changes” and Restart

Good luck, I hope that helps.
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