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TrxR's Avatar TrxR 10:03 AM 01-16-2013
I am looking for a good reliable media player for my parents. I am looking for something basic that will play most media from a USB drive, I am debating on a WDTV or possibly a GoFlex TV. I dont need any real advanced feature. In reality I dont even need network access. It does have to have composite out (red, white, yellow)


Kelson's Avatar Kelson 10:38 AM 01-16-2013
Don't even consider the GoFlex TV. That has been a dead product for years and is nothing more than a warmed over clone of their previous dead product (Free Agent Theater plus) with a new case to accommodate their GoFlex external drive series.

The WDTV Live-SMP is a very good choice. It is a good player that is reasonably priced and well supported by WD. The UI is easy enough to get around and it has support for Internet streaming services should you parents ever get interested in NetFlix, etc. with two USB ports you can attach some really big drives.
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