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Hello. I currently have a Synology DS 210+ (hardwire connected to LAN) that I house several movies and rips of my TV Show DVD's and Blu Rays. I am using the patriot box office core which gets the job done as far as playing various files, but I'm ready to upgrade to something that will get me the following features:

1. My wife and kids and I watch several different movies streamed from the Diskstation. Our current media player can only remember the position of the last movie played. My droid phone, using MX player, will remember the last spot of every movie I've started. Will the Dune players or the Mede8er players remember where I left off on multiple files? I don't plan to turn the unit off so that's not an issue.

2. My patriot box cannot (at least I can't figure out how) to play music (.mp3 format) albums by track number tag. Everything plays in alphabetical order. Can these players play in order of track tag when playing searching the music folder on my diskstation?

3. I'd like to get and figure out how to use one of those scraper programs so I can add some basic stuff like a synopsis and cover art for my movies and tv shows. This will help my young child who can operate a remote select the video he wants if he sees the cover art as he cannot reat. My wife and I (who can read) would like to have tv shows synopses at the ready. My cursory research has shown that ember media manager or something else (preferably freeware, feel free to suggest a good program) can grab and tag the pics and synopses files from imdb or some other databse to create .nfo files that would display this data. Will the dune and mede8er players read the NFO files and graphically display my movies and tv shows that will accomplish this goal in a basic sense? I looked into building an XBMC several years ago as I was impressed with the skins and the way people could display this information graphically. I didn't have the time to commit to builidng an XBMC. I'm hoping to get a media player and create the NFO's and store them on my diskstation but I am curious if these players have UI or some sort of cursory video jukebox that are capable of accomplishing this. The patriot box office is a great player for $60. I'm willing to spend $200 or so to accomplish the above goals if feasible.

4. Finally, when fast forwarding through a large file, my patriot box office stutters and it takes a long time to fast forward. Do either of these brand players have a skip adhead feature that will alleviate this?

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi Jeff,

I can give you some insight into Dune, but not Mede8er.

For 2:
The Dune also only plays MP3 files in alphabetical order. It has no knowledge of the metadata within music files. For music, I use a Netgear NeoTV-550 and Turtle Beach Audiotrons. I don't even attempt to use the Dune for music anymore.

For 3:
I use a free program, Zappiti, for my movie jukebox. The nice thing about Zappiti is that it boths scrapes the Internet for your movie and TV metadata and images, and creates the UI for the Dune. Often, you need separate programs for the scraping and the jukebox. There are other jukebox packages for Dune as well, but I haven't tried them yet. The bad part is that Zappiti is very limited compared to the jukebox on my NeoTV. I will try other Dune jukeboxes at some point
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same here, i've got a dune and don't know for mede8er

1. Dune ca remember the last position of your last 200 movies seen. But : it only works with simple files (avi, mkv,...), not with ISO or structures (bdvm/video_ts).
2. don't consider Dune as music player. I can play music but the UI is so poor that in fact I don't use it. FYI there are also some music jukeboxes that are currently under development but with good results (MyDune Music HD for example)
3. dune (and mede8er too) doesn't use nfo. You will need for both to use a jukebox on your PC that will scrap and organize your collection in a nice way. For dune the most popular and simple are zappiti and yadis, but there are others. For mede8er (600/1000x3D at least) you can use Y2M, but also yadis with a special plug-in for mede8er. FYI : mede8er jukebox is very bad for managing TV series, but they are working on a new one that should correct this.
4. if your network is good, you will never see any stutter or else with a dune, whether you use smb or nfs.
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