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A couple days ago I set up a MoCA network with a handful of Actiontec MI424-WR (rev F) routers off eBay. Configured using info here - basically - disable wireless, disable broadband coax, disable IP address distribution, assign unique IP.

My setup is CenturyLink Q1000 DSL (bridge mode) -> Netgear WNR1000 -> everything else (including 4 TiVos.) Comcast for digital TV service. Goal is to get better streaming between the TiVos, maybe eliminate a couple of them and swap for TiVo minis in the future. For now I've got two TiVo Premieres, an HD, and an S3. The HD is direct ethernet; the primary Actiontec + Netgear are at the same location. Premieres and S3 on Actiontecs via MoCA. Everything worked great, I could transfer between all of them much better than I ever could on wireless. Went to bed, got up the next morning, and none of them could see each other.

Verified from a computer that I could not log in to the admin screen of the 3 remote Actiontecs. The primary one, connected to the router, I could get to OK. After rebooting/ unplugging/ the remote Actiontecs, everything eventually came back up. Next day, again, all had lost connection.

The wiring in my house is far from optimal, I know there are a couple of splitters buried in walls with no way to get to them. In the interest of trying to minimize loss, I'm using a Holland DPD2 diplexer to split the frequencies at each coax outlet (vhf outlet to TiVo, sat to Actiontec.) I put a 4way 2-2150MHz splitter at the cable inlet - SWM MSPLIT4R0-03 - with a POE filter on the input side. Frankly I was surprised it all worked. But it did.

I'm not including a number of details here for the sake of brevity. I can certainly provide more if it would help. It just seems like there may be something basic I'm missing in the router settings. The only other obvious thing I can come up with is trying to reduce signal loss - at the HD TiVo outlet, it reports cable strength as 62. The other TiVos are around 85-100. The HD outlet is also where I have the first ActionTec feeding into the rest of the house, so given that that line is weak, could that be problem? Can a weak signal manifest as having connection for awhile, but eventually dropping out?

(edit - checked Coax Connection Stats for MoCA speed on the primary Actiontec - all devices appear to be ~235-240 Mbps.)

I can run some temporary cables to other locations to troubleshoot, maybe test one coax outlet at a time - but given the connection takes hours+ to drop, that will be a long process. If it is just a router setting, I'd rather figure that out first.
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Old 03-04-2013, 11:32 AM
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Borrowing the title because my issue is the same. Remote Verizon Actiontec MI424WR (Rev E & F). The Master is an Actiontec MI424WR Rev. G. I've changed all the splitters to a 5-2300 Mhz, and put POE MOCA filters at the demarcation point and at the cable modem. Followed steps to make a bridge out of them, and it worked...for awhile. Then they disappeared til I reboot the remote units. Found a thread were someone suggested it was the time functions causing the issues. Turned them off and everything worked for two days. Now, same thing and a reboot fixed that. Before I invest any more money in this, so far unsuccessful enterprise. Could my problem be cause by one being Actiontec and the other two Verizon? The coax appears to be RG59.
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