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brickie's Avatar brickie 10:36 AM 02-10-2013
I use a combo of WD media players.Rokus,and htpcs to feed mkv's from my WHS 2011...Obviously the htpc with xbmc running on it is my favorite.The other options are good for their specific reasons...Roku really has nice interface and speeds thru movies when trying to find one(Plex setup on server). where as the WD media player is a little slow when going thru my large library(400 + movies and counting),but it's nice that it plays anything and does it without transcoding...

Just giving a little background on my setup at home..But just curious if there is a magic product (media player) that can run XBMC as smoothly and reliably as a htpc does? I know there are some that will run it,but how well do they do it? Love the eye candy that XBMC gives with it's backgrounds and how fast the interface is. I get backgrounds with my WD media players but it is slow to go thru them.... My understanding is that because devices don't store the metadata locallly that will makethem slow to go thru backgrounds and such..true? Just wondering if there is a way to get the eye candy and FAST(htpc like) experience of zooming right thru the backgrounds..

Any opinions appreciated..

Alx330's Avatar Alx330 03:33 AM 02-11-2013
Pivos XIOS DS runs XBMC however it is still in it's infancy but slowly improving.

The UI runs at 30fps compared to 60fps on a PC running XBMC stock skin, it's a little slower as a result but still faster than the likes of a WDTV. Whether XBMC rendering performance will improve over time with further optimization I couldn't say (it runs the same on the Android and XBMC-Linux only firmware), but you can use other lighter skins on the XIOS DS, for instance the Quartz skin which looks like the AppleTV UI runs at 60fps on XBMC only firmware.

The other issue is the media library, with such a large library your likely to use up the internal memory of the XIOS if it tries to store all the fanart/coverart. There are three ways around that;
1) Use the save media library to sdcard modification.
2) Have an XBMC compatible media manager scan the media on the NAS and save the artwork locally to the NAS.
3) Deploy XBMC UPnP server - it's hoped in the long run this will do something akin to Plex media server but at the moment all it gives you is a copy of the media library through UPnP as scanned by the XBMC server so you can only see it through files mode, the movie/tv libraries of XBMC wont be accessible. It's not a bad first step but not exactly ideal yet.

There are faster Android devices in the works from other vendors but none of them have XBMC developers actively working on them like Pivos as such they are a big gamble as there are lots of unforeseen issues. You could try asking Pivos aasoror if there are any plans for an 8726-M6 box from Pivos, this is the dual core CPU/GPU variant of the chip used in the XIOS so in theory it should be faster, also a lot of the OEM 8726-M6 boxes can take an internal HDD too.

I almost forgot there is also that Ouya Android set top box/console, that has a Tegra 3 chip in it and XBMC will be available for it but it remains to be seen how well it performs.
Carlos Martinez's Avatar Carlos Martinez 01:24 PM 05-13-2013
Don't Android TV boxes run XBMC by itself, feeding analog or digital, SD or HDMI as a regular HTPC?

And for the price of a WD TV media player to boot?
rdb4133's Avatar rdb4133 01:39 PM 05-15-2013
A Raspberry Pi might be your best bet smile.gif
Alx330's Avatar Alx330 02:14 PM 05-15-2013
Originally Posted by rdb4133 View Post

A Raspberry Pi might be your best bet smile.gif

R-Pi is slower than Xios.

Lots of newer generation Arm chips for Android TV devices in the works, the performance gap between the PC and Arm versions of XBMC will be closed very quickly.
kpump's Avatar kpump 06:03 PM 05-15-2013
The ultimate solution, openelec. Pickup a nuc celeron, or a Zotac box. They will also support hd audio as well. (As long as you get the right one) I have been looking as well, but the perfect solution does not exist. And there are plex clients right in xbmc to access plex if you use tat as well. Arctic has one around 100 bucks on amazon, but pretty sure no hd audio support.
ablevy's Avatar ablevy 09:44 PM 05-15-2013
Take a look at the Arctic MC001 series. If they have any more of them, they are a bargain. Realize you will have to play with it, to get it to work but when you do you will have a fanless box that can run Windows, Linux or just openelec. They are closing them out, but the price is right if they have any left.

brickie's Avatar brickie 08:58 AM 05-21-2013
Actually ended up adding a Raspberry pi to the mix..For the price could not turn it away as they say. Not perfect but does work much better than expected...Will continue to explore other options but the Raspberry Pi is something I would say is worth looking at if it meets your needs.
Chad711's Avatar Chad711 04:03 PM 05-21-2013

I have a quick question about this MS, Pivos. I am currently in the finishing stages of my Home Theater and planned on buying a new HDD for a computer I built about two years ago with pretty good equipment in it. Quad core processor, plenty of memory, and a high end gpu. I planned on using this for my media server with XBMC. Is there any reason I would want to purchase this Pivos MS? What are the advantages of this product?

If I am reading over the details correctly and haven't missed anything it looks like it's basically just a computer with a few apps running android 4.0.

If so I think I may stick with my computer but I just wanted to check here.
LexLewThor's Avatar LexLewThor 12:08 AM 11-12-2013

Any update to this thread? I have a large library also and it will only play well on my HTPC. The other devices are Apple TV2 running XBMC.

OS is Windows Server 2012 R2

Library size is 40TB

HTPC running windows 7


Any ideas?

bluechunks's Avatar bluechunks 05:46 PM 11-12-2013
Originally Posted by LexLewThor View Post

Any update to this thread? I have a large library also and it will only play well on my HTPC. The other devices are Apple TV2 running XBMC.
OS is Windows Server 2012 R2
Library size is 40TB
HTPC running windows 7

Any ideas?
+1 to OpenELEC (XBMC) on an Intel NUC mentioned a few posts above.

IMHO, it's the perfect hybrid of HTPC and dedicated media player. It has the power of a HTPC but the ease of use and maintainability of a media player.

If one selects the Celeron NUC a complete build with a small mSATA SSD (I have a 24GB SSD----way oversized for OpenELEC, btw) can be assembled for below $250 with careful shopping.
Turick's Avatar Turick 10:16 AM 11-20-2013
Raspberry Pi is a great solution for adding HTPCs throughout your house, but not great for speed. Powering it through the USB service port on my Samsung TV in my bedroom also lets me control XBMC with the Samsung TV remote. I run an external mysql server to host the library on my primary HTPC, so the Pis never need to do their own scanning of the NAS. It can handle playing very large HD files, but is definitely slow on the menus and browsing my movies library.
bac522's Avatar bac522 12:54 PM 11-20-2013
I'm using a Minix G4 android stick which is working great with the current alpha release of XBMC called Gotham. The speeds through the menu's are excellent thanks to it's dual core 1.2GHz cpu, I can't tell the difference from this and my dual core 3GHz HTPC. And Gotham XBMC is incorporating GPU decoding directly into XBMC so no need for external video players unlike Frodo version of XBMC on Android.

Although at this point I would only recommend this solution if you're one who doesn't mind rolling up the sleeves and tinkering a bit...not quite a plug and play solution just yet.
Brajesh's Avatar Brajesh 01:02 PM 11-20-2013
+1 to OpenELEC (XBMC) on an Intel NUC mentioned a few posts above.
+2 ... easy to install (get a Celeron NUC, pop-in 2GB RAM and a 32GB mSSD), then boot off USB stick w/OpenELEC installer. Once XBMC is installed, configure and enjoy.
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