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Hey all, this is my first post, and i'm looking to centralize all the media between all of my devices. I appreciate all knowledge and opinions, as this is not my area of expertise. I'll start off with what I have:
2 iphone 5's, with various content
2 itunes accounts (me and my wife, each have songs, videos, media)
1 ipad (with various media) (the latest ipad)
2 laptops with itunes
1 desktop with itunes.
have a Toshiba HDTV with HDMI inputs, etc.
both laptops and desktop have media that is not "itunes" ie.. not mp4.. various mp3's and other vides....

Here's what I want:
A central HUB where ALL the music,data, videos, etc is stored so each device has access to it. and as I purchase more, can easily be stored and organized.
The media is easily able to be tagged and coordinated, so that i can easily access "country songs" on any device as an example.
I want to be able to search through all of our media to find whatever I need, which is stored on this "central hub" and I can play on whatever, ie.. phone, ipad, computer.
I want it wireless, ie. i'm in the backyard, and I pull a song on my phone from the Hub. or pull an episode of the walking dead from my laptop.
can I synchronize all the media that i've purchased from both itunes accounts into one place? and download into one hub?

pretty much, basically, I want to take all the media that I have purchased, put it in one place, and be able to access it from anywhere within my home from any device. and have room to spare for add'l purchases.

I hope this makes sense... and I hope i'm not wasting your time, but with all the devices available, i'm not sure what would exaclty fit what i'm trying to do. Please point me in the right direction, as it's been weeks that i've been trying to figure out how to do what i'm trying to do.

As always, I apreciate all knowledge and advice.
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Mac Mini server or just a regular Mac Mini with a DAS (e.g Drobo) running iTunes as Homesharing service would be only way from your description, it will work with the DRM media of iTunes if purchasing movies from them or using the digital copies provided on some Blu-ray's.

You can also side by side run Plex media server on the Mac Mini for media not supported by iTunes and it will transcode the media in real time so it plays on an iOS device. It is possible to get Windows Home Servers that can have iTunes shoehorned into them but they are not a good buy seeing as they have very weak CPU's in them not suitable to transcoding video.

You can run Plex on select off the shelf NAS like Synology, QNAP, Asus however the NAS don't have the capability to transcode video so for example that means the iOS devices will only play mp4 video and nothing else.
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