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enzo9's Avatar enzo9 09:20 AM 03-22-2013
i have the following needs for internet:
1. poe security cameras (8 of them) hooked up to NVR
2. pos is cloud based; including wireless printers, etc.
3. local NAS - i need accessed from anywhere
4. guests can use free wifi

i'm currently shopping for ISP for my small business. i noticed they have a choice for purchasing dynamic or static ip address type. is it practical to purchase static ip address type from my isp (really expensive)? im new at this stuff, but i thought if you just go with dynamic you can then configure your router to use static ip address for certain items in your network (example: receipt printer, etc.)? is this correct?

thanks in advance!

replayrob's Avatar replayrob 09:48 AM 03-22-2013
For legit business use- you should always try to get a static address.
Once you start dealing with security DVR's, NAS, most likely some sort of VNC and so on- static addresses make connectivity from the outside much simpler.

Here our broadband provider offers static IP for under $20/month additional- it's well worth it
ZmHD69PigQ's Avatar ZmHD69PigQ 09:51 AM 03-22-2013
No. With either one you can configure IPs inside your network. Dynamic/static IPs are referring to your ip that you get from your ISP. It depends on your business size, but generally if you just need access to the internet, go with dynamic. You would only need to pay for static ip for a specific reason, for example if you were going to host your own website.

Since you need access to your NAS from anywhere, static ip would be the way to go, if it is worth it to you (there are ways around it like dynamic dns). All the other things in your list would not be affected by dynamic ip.
enzo9's Avatar enzo9 11:13 AM 03-22-2013
thanks all for the replies!

i see both of your points. i just spoke to someone who have dynamic ip address type and is using dynamic dns. he said it works great and its free. i think i'll try that for now. if i see any latency i will go with the static ip package... an extra $20 isnt too bad.
best regards!
aufVidyZen's Avatar aufVidyZen 05:08 PM 03-23-2013
One other point in favor of dynamic DNS, is that if someone starts probing your IP address, if it is static, it's hard to change. Your provider may charge you to do that. If it's dynamic you can reboot your firewall/router and setup a new dynamic DNS link (assuming that's how you were targeted).
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