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I've been researching an HD media player for weeks and rather than finding a solution that is guaranteed to meet my needs, I've become overwhelmed. I'm hoping some experienced folks on this forum can help me nail this down. Thanks in advance.

Must haves:

1) Playback of my ripped 1:1 Bluray ISOs with quality indistinguishable from the original source. My understanding is that my complete rips with AnyDVD HD should facilitate this. I really just want to be able to rip EVERY blu-ray the same way and know it will work.

2) A "cover art" style interface when browsing the ISOs. I'd really love the meta-data downloads from offerings like Popcorn hour but I'd settle for just cover-art.

3) Not spending hours on forums troubleshooting problems, not repeatedly waiting for firmware updates...

Besides these, I'd really love to be able to use the original Bluray menus, but that doesn't seem to be offered all too often. It doesn't have to be read from NAS, I'm fine plugging in directly with USB or e-SATA or adding an internal hard drive if it is offered.

I was originally looking at offerings from Popcorn Hour, but there seems to be too many bugs, for the cost. Like I said, I'm not looking to take up a new hobby of troubleshooting media hardware. If that's an inevitable aspect, I'd rather spend $90 on the Pivos AIOS (which seems to meet my criteria).

Thanks in advance for any help, I just want to pull the trigger on this!
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If you need BR menus youll need to choose a player from last year or before....Due to the implementation of Cineva most Media Players have be limited to "BD-lite" menus.......

I belive the Neo 550 (if you can find one) does full menus as well as some of the Dune offerings....There is the A300 from Popcorn Hour as well.......

With ANY media player there will be some level of work involved as none are "perfect" and there are far to many factors when playing soemthing from home to say that you will never have an issue.....

With that said you really didnt give a budget, it would make things much easier if we knew what is the Max you want to spend on the player, that way we can offer something in that price range......
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Thanks for the response. Yes I keep reading about this Cinavia, sounds like the devil. I'd be willing to go up to $400 depending on how "finished" the product is. For example, I felt comfortable with $369 for what the Popcorn Hour C-300 offers until I read all the problems users had with it.
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There are some Dunes which support BluRay menus and some which don't. The newer ones support 3D but I don't think the do BluRay menus. You will need to check this out.

I have 5 of the Dune HD Smart D1 (menus but no 3D). I am completely satisfied with them.

But understand that the interface you see when selecting your movies/etc is determined (for the most part) by the program you use to create the files that the Dune then uses to display the user interface.

There are a number of programs out there that will create/install the files that the Dune needs. The programs typically scan your ripped content, look up metadata, create the files and install them to your movie storage device (PC/NAS/whatever).

Now these programs typically create a display of "cover art" which most people seem to favor.

JFYI after trying this approach I found identifying the images difficult (62 year old eyes) and went with a text based approach.

Good luck.
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Regards, Frederick C. Wilt
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Originally Posted by fcwilt View Post

JFYI after trying this approach I found identifying the images difficult (62 year old eyes) and went with a text based approach.
The solution to that is to make sure your screen size exceeds your age smile.gif

- kelson h

The bitterness of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten . . . life is too short to drink bad wine

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I've had the following media player: PCH-A300, PCH-A210, Mede8er MED500X2, WDTV2, Pivos AIOS and Dune D1. Up to now, I've sold all of my media players with the exception of the Dune D1. D1 has been the most solid and dependable media player of them all. I use Zappiti as a jukebox, which is easy to use and maintain. The Dune Smart Series are able to play ISO's with full menus. I currently order a Dune TV303D, which only support BD lite. However, I am changing the few BD ISO that I've got into BD Folder Structure main movie only file with ClownBD + AnyDVD HD.

Another good media player is the Mede8er 1000x and 600x. I didn't go with the new Mede8er because I really like Zappiti. Also, you need to use two different programs for the Mede8ers jukebox. One for movies, and the other for TV Shows.

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