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Moony_Lupin's Avatar Moony_Lupin 01:26 PM 04-21-2013
Hi Folks,

Back when I pre-wired my media room I ran a USB cable from inside the viewing room into my component closet. The goal was to be able to hook up a USB hub inside the media room for things like Rock Band microphones and components while the main USB line ran through the wall and into the actual Wii. I am attempting to get this set up to work as intended, but I am finding that when I hook the pre-wired USB cable into my Wii, there seems to be no recognized signal or power to the USB hub on the other side. Of course, if I take the same hub and move into the component closet and plug it directly into the Wii it works.

Can anyone offer any tips as to why the hub won't work on the other side of this "through the wall" usb cable? I should add that I know the in-wall USB cable works, just not as I'm intending with the hub. Is it possible the USB cable is too long? The run is about 10ft.

Please let me know if you need clarification and thanks.

The image below crudely diagrams what I'm trying to do.

HoG_FATALFIRE's Avatar HoG_FATALFIRE 09:31 PM 04-21-2013
Is the hub a powered hub? If not, I would get a cheap powered hub and give that a shot.
Moony_Lupin's Avatar Moony_Lupin 09:29 AM 05-05-2013
I solved my problem and figured I would post my resolution in case anyone else has a similar issue. To power my USB hub I realized a mini-USB 5 pin was required. I ordered a female regular USB to 5-pin male USB mini adapter. Plugged it in and... Boom! It worked. Easy enough fix. Now I'm Rockin'!
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