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gatuso99's Avatar gatuso99 12:55 PM 04-30-2013
I am trying to hook up a synology nas to a termination box so it would be available throughout the house. My home is around 8 years old and is pre wired with cat5e. However i cannot find it anywhere in the house. I checked all the closets,, garage and basement. I have att uverse and the way it is set up now is with a nid box that is outside the house having outside internet line coming into it and 5 cat5e coming out (i have 5 outlets in the house) and going into a house wall. The wierd thing is back when i had regular dsl the same setup was present (5 cat5e cables outside of dsl box) and that is still there. So basically, i have 10 cables going into the house from dsl and uverse boxes that are outside of the house.

Now i think that there must be a convergence point with a punch block somewhere in the house. Or am i wrong? Could all these cables just go the room outlets?

halfelite's Avatar halfelite 01:07 PM 04-30-2013
It would be very strange for them all to terminate out doors, Usually there is a small panel inside a closet. Is it possible to take a picture of the outdoor portion when you say NID im thinking you are looking at the POTS lines running through your house which its normal for pots lines to be ran in cat5 cable.

being its only 5 connections it could be a very small box in a closet either surface mounted or even mounted flush.
gatuso99's Avatar gatuso99 01:38 PM 04-30-2013

this is the uverse box.

this is where it shows two sets of 5 wires going into the wall of the house.

this is the whole thing....
DraZtiK's Avatar DraZtiK 04:09 PM 04-30-2013
open the box up and look.....

If they break out of the box, then just add a ethernet switch in any of the rooms and be done.
ZmHD69PigQ's Avatar ZmHD69PigQ 10:07 AM 05-01-2013
Is the box locked? If not, check inside, there must be some sort of router. If there is an open port, run a network cable for your NAS.

Otherwise you can get a switch and put it at any existing network location and connect your NAS to the switch.
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