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Hi, so my Cousin is non-technical while I am his self-appointed home-theater geek. I'm pretty good with most things that I am personally interested in. But this is an area I have no experience at.

He has lots of typical media gear. HD-DVR for Cable TV (Time Warner). Blue Ray Player. Android Tablet PC. Android Galaxy S3 phone. Home PC in back room. Laptops here and there. And a "Google TV", whatever that is.

He is buying a portable short-throw projector to use inside & outside the house around the pool area. He wants to play YouTube videos from his Tablet PC and also view various things from various other sources. His AVR is already connected to outdoor speakers, so that audio solution is there. We just need to figure out an awesome way to simply send the video signal to his projector, and how to easily manage the various sources from outside.

He does NOT want a cabled solution to the projector, since it will be anywhere from 5' to 20' from the house and there may be pool area between the house & projector. So we'll probably go with an HDMI solution over wirless medium somehow.

I'm kinda thinking out loud here and figuring things out as I go. Here's what I've already told him:

If you want to connect your Galaxy Tab directly to the projector, then just use the Galaxy Tab's HDMI cable. There is a similar cable solution for your Galaxy S3 phones. But the only audio you'll get is that what comes out of the projectors internal tiny speakers (not very loud).

If you want to stream YouTube playlists, Netflix, etc. etc. AND any videos you have stored on an external hard drive.... all while doing something completely different on the TV inside the house.... then this WD HD Live player is pretty neat. I want one! This would have the same audio-output problem as the Galaxy Tab. The technology is kinda similar to your Google TV, but probably better in some ways. And it connects to your network via WiFi so all you need is the power connector.

To wirelessly connect the projector to your Denon AVR receiver in the house, I would go with the Wireless HDMI - IOgear setup for $180. This lets you play anything you have in the house, on the projector. And audio would play on the outside JBL speakers. BUT, this technology is still flakey so I can't guarantee how well it will work.

If you want a solution to the audio-output problem on the Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S3 and WD HD Live player, then we can do one of a couple things.

1) Set up an amplifier outside that connects to the JBL speakers. This means you would need to drape an audio-cable from the projector all the way over to that amplifier.

2) I can build you a portable Boom Box that you can carry around the yard. I can do this for about $120 or so. Just a small wood box with a small digital internal amplifier and a couple of coaxial speakers. It would get loud and sound good. I can make something that will get louder & sound better than what you see pre-made on the market. For a bit more money, I can even make it run on a re-chargable battery instead of AC.

The nice thing about a portable boom box is you can set it under the projector screen wherever you have that. Then the audio is always coming from the direction of the screen.

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Well, that new Google Chromecast would fill many of the voids if you can get a wifi signal. Otherwise, trying to do wireless streaming with video isnt great at all. It's not even possible with Blu rays and stuff due to the bitrate. As far as wi-di, I cant comment but I havent heard many great things at all
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