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Hi I move around quite a bit internationally (short term assignments) and find myself in the annoying situation of having to figure out some new TV fix to get the few channels that I watch quite often. Many of the countries I go to don’t have wonderful internet connections (can usually do youtube ok, would be great if I could increase buffering though).

I don’t know much about streaming but have heard of services that can stream from home to whatever device you have which would be great. A possible additional caveat is that there are also some Russian channels that I like (and have a friend who gets these channels in Russia) that I would also like to add to the mix. Lastly, as I mentioned many of the places I go don’t have stellar internet but I found a site (I don’t think it can be accessed outside the country of Georgia) that had a nifty feature set, that is it seemed like it constantly had the last 24hs of whichever station you were wanting (of the stations it supported) that you could literally scan through by just dragging the dial bar thingy (imagine a regular video player and you could go back and forth over the last 24hrs of tv). If there is some option that perhaps could buffer the last 24 hours of video on my device constantly from the few channels (I have about 7 that I watch regularly) that would be spectacular… though I don’t know if this is even possible. Ideally this would be something that (on the receiving/client? end) would be remote friendly (am thinking XBMC-ish?).

At a minimum, I would like to find an option that would allow me to stream TV, internationally, from my folks place to my device (win and/or Linux and/or Android [win7 is the biggie]) and have the option of at least a few minutes of buffering.

Any suggestions/help would really be appreciated as I am trying to better understand what my options are.


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