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audvid's Avatar audvid 07:04 AM 09-07-2013
I have a mediasonic 8 bay USB mass storage unit with 5 hard drives of 2 TB each, containing my movie collection, stored as .ISO files, connected to my windows 7 computer.

I want to be able to access those .ISO files, via my Boxee media player and my Micca media player. I want to be able to access those files on my Windows 7 computer.

All are on the same network.

I am seeking advice on setting up home network. I am quite familiar with computer hardware and software but I am not very good with networking.

I have posted another thread for selecting NAS.

How do I make the .iso files available, over my home network to my other devices, such as a Boxee player and a micca media player?

The boxee and the micca do see my windows PC (user name admin) but login is failing. I disabled the windows password for admin and I cannot still login.
I turned on
1. network discovery
2. file and printer sharing - enabled sharing of videos and printers
3. anyone with network access can read files
4. media streaming options - allow all
5. 128 bit encryption

Turned OFF
password protected sharing

I turned on video sharing

Thank you.

GusGus748s's Avatar GusGus748s 01:13 AM 09-08-2013
All of them on the same Workgroup? All shares allow to "everyeon" have access? Also, have you tried uninstalling Windows Live Essentials, I believe that's the correct program.
audvid's Avatar audvid 07:21 AM 09-08-2013
they are all in same work group.
i did change the share to share all.
now I can read two drives out of five. On boxee, I can read the files also. On Micca, it opens the folder but does not show the files.
For the other three, both micca and boxee keep asking for user name and password. I don't have a password for my computer. only admin user.

I could not find windows live essentials in the uninstall list. I tried searching for it and the only message i got was "go online to find windows live essentials".. therefore, I assume I don't have it
audvid's Avatar audvid 09:56 AM 09-08-2013
I give up! Windows is a pain to deal with..
I found that my boxee box works just fine and the drives are showing up on my network.
Please consider this thread closed, from my side.
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