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So i've been surfing the forums for a few days now but i am not very knowledgeable in the matter and am hoping someone more experienced can point me to either the rigth forum or better help me understand. I'd much rather learn than just be given a do this answer so feel free to elaborate!

My setup is as follows:
Currently running a usb external harddrive to a sony BDP-s790 to play content. Some content plays while others dont and this is frustrating because i do my best to get MKV encodes but i am quickly learning not all encodes are created equal. I will soon be upgrading to the Oppo 103 which may/may not have better support for file formats(researching this tonight). Hoping to locate the problem formats/encodes and redownload them in playable formats.

I am using Jriver on trial right now as a music media server. I dont know if this can also be used as a media server to stream movie content. My goal is to have the best quality and everything will be hardwired. Also on the note of formats, everything plays just fine on my PC via VLC so will running any formats from the PC through the server defeat encodes im having problems with? or is it being transmitted to the player, and the player decoding it, just as it would if attached via usb to the player?

Lastly can anyone point me to a good thread on how to use Jriver? I am uploading my library of songs and im having a problem with songs appearing twice or mulitple times even though it seems to be the same file off of one upload. Ive been toying with it for a week but not quite sure what the problem is. Also would like to start going through and renaming files to be more uniform and easier to sear IE same artist not collobaortaing artists.
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09-07-2013 | Posts: 126
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Ok i have answered my own question about streaming video from Jriver. however it is indicating 2ch audio when streamed via Server vice 5.1 when plugged into usb....How do i change the output?
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Your post isn't really clear as to what you are utimately trying to do, but to get around encoding problems, I would suggest Plex (http://www.plexapp.com/). The question though is what kind of players are looking to use?
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Originally Posted by bac522 View Post

Your post isn't really clear as to what you are utimately trying to do

Ultimately i would like to play my various 720p/1080p torrents through Jriver media center via DLNA server if possible. I currently have the External USB harddrive plugged directly into the Sony BDP-S790 player(soon to upgrade to Oppo 103). I would like to store the content on my computer and access it remotely because i have more than 3tb worth of music moves tv shows. So i currently have to keep swapping hard drives on the single usb port on my bluray player. It is very inconvenient.

Kinda just threw up my thoughts in that last post, but my main questions are as follows:

How do i get Jriver media server to stream 5.1 sound? when played via server it idicates as 2ch stereo on tv vice when played via usb with sony player it indicates proper 5.1 sound.

Will using my computer as source vice usb attached hard drive make a difference in quality in a hardwired gigabit home network?

What is a good thread on, or how do I better organize, edit and format my file tags so that i do not have Multiples of same track and thing such as artist name and genre are correct?(for example eminem vs eminem and 50cent, would like all artist anems to jsut indicate main artist for better organization)
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Plex is free and works with damned near everything. I run it on my media center PC and stream to four Roku 2 XS boxes, two PS3s, two iPads, one Android tablet and my Windows Phone. It is VERY versatile and has pretty solid codec support.
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I just started using Plex approximately 3 days ago. I use it mainly to stream to iPads / iPhone within and outside my network. Works really well.
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