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jeep05's Avatar jeep05 11:10 AM 10-18-2013
I have a Motorola SBG6580 through TWC and it has the capability to utilize 8 bonded downstream channels. Only 4 are showing as being "Locked" and in use, so i call TWC to inquire about this and was told by rep. that they used the default, which he said was 4. Does this sound right?

If i decide to purchase my own modem to save the "lease fee" and it will also handle 8 channels, is TWC gonna set it to only 4 instead of 8? If in fact they only utilize 4 then purchasing a modem with an 8 channel capability is presently worthless other than looking at future expansion?

Thanks guys smile.gif

jeep05's Avatar jeep05 11:05 AM 10-21-2013
Nevermind. Found out the answer when i activated the new modem with TWC. Only 4 downstream channels are being used. rolleyes.gif
rdgrimes's Avatar rdgrimes 11:13 AM 10-21-2013
They need to update their local hardware to support the newer 8 channel bonding scheme. FWIW, it won't make any difference in your download speeds unless you are at the top speed level. I get the same speeds on 8 ch that I used to get on 4, I'm on a 20/5 plan.
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