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xfile102's Avatar xfile102 10:09 AM 10-20-2013

I have a dillema. My mom lives out in the sticks in the middle of Missouri, and her internet is terrible. So the current trend of "streaming" everything is Not an option. For several years now, I have had her setup with a Patriot Box Office with a 1 TB drive in it, and i have just been reloading her with new media all the time. It has worked great for a long time. Except the box is finally dying. Sound issues here and there, input switching issues, all kinds of things. So I need to find a new solution. What can I do? I need a new box that can take an internal drive for all her media. I need to get her setup with something. I hear many, many people just say to buy a really high quality streaming box and then a NAS or pc with storage and just stream from there. The problem is she doesnt have the thousands of dollars those setups run. I need some help and advice. Hopefully not looking to spend more than $150. Just need a good box with HDMI out, that plays all the accepted formats, that holds a drive internally...

Alx330's Avatar Alx330 08:08 AM 10-21-2013
WDTV Live Hub, comes with a 1TB drive built in though it is not replaceable.

Pivos AIOS is another option for a 3.5" bay, same hardware as Patriot BO.
xfile102's Avatar xfile102 08:20 AM 10-21-2013

Thanks. I have, MUCH to my Chagrin, tried the INCREDIBLY slow and buggy WD Live series now 5 times. Insanely slow menu navigation, video lockup when paused, problems handling libraries larger than 300 files,  on and on. They look so pretty and have such a great looking interface compared to the PBO, but Over and over, I have had friends tell me "Oh, They fixed that.." and I buy another.. And, Nope. I would love to be able to have faith in them, but they crash constantly. (With the exception of small libraries of very small low quality files.. But anything with quality resolution, over 800+MB, with a large library kills those things)


I have never seen the Pivos. I will go check it out.. Thanks for the heads up..

TheKrell's Avatar TheKrell 02:02 PM 10-22-2013
If my PBO were acting up like that, the first thing I would do is open it up and see if the cooling fan is still working. Another ploy to keep the heat down is to move the internal disk to an external enclosure.
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