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sanderdvd's Avatar sanderdvd 05:33 AM 11-04-2013
Are there already Media Players available who output 1920x1080@23,976?

elario's Avatar elario 06:42 AM 11-04-2013
sanderdvd's Avatar sanderdvd 05:24 AM 11-18-2013

Which ones beside the Mede8er?
bluechunks's Avatar bluechunks 06:29 AM 11-18-2013
Originally Posted by sanderdvd View Post


Which ones beside the Mede8er?
I think the better question is: which of the major choices don't?

(Hint: virtually all current mid-range and above dedicated media players use chipsets that were designed for use in Blu Ray players where 23.976 is a given.)

The real issue for many of us, IMHO, is the exact combination of video/audio codecs supported (especially HD audio bit streaming or internal LPCM conversion of HD audio) with that 1080p/24 video.
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