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stepmback's Avatar stepmback 07:34 AM 11-13-2013
I have recently built a Windows 8 HTPC with plenty of horsepower. I use XBMC 12.2 and all my movies play great in their native format in MKV. Almost all my movies are uncompressed blu-ray MKV files stored on my server. However yesterday I went to watch the movie 300 on the machine and it played with tons of pixalation and flashing white screens. It was unwatchable. I then tried to watch the same movie on my upstairs HTPC running on Windows 7 using XBMC 12.2 and it played fine.

I am now wondering if I have XBMC configured incorrectly on my new Windows 8 machine or I do not have the proper codecs on this machine.

Things I have tried.
Changing audio selection of file.. no real change.
Changing from HDMI to analog for audio.. no change.

Anyone ever run into this problem? Any advice or things to look in to.

Bob Olink's Avatar Bob Olink 08:00 AM 11-13-2013
I would fiddle with the video playback settings. Try it with/without hardware acceleration, sync to display, match refresh rate, that sort ot thing.
I've found what works for some of my movies doesn't for others and I am forced to change some of these settings. Worth a look.
elario's Avatar elario 01:50 PM 11-13-2013
Update your graphics drivers (if available) and if that doesnt work disable hardware acceleration under System > Video > Playback
stepmback's Avatar stepmback 05:37 PM 11-13-2013
Thanks. I will give all that a try.
stepmback's Avatar stepmback 08:05 AM 11-14-2013
Turning off hardware acceleration fixed the issue with the movie 300. However this is a global change and when turned off I noticed the other movies that played fine before their quality has dropped.

I have the most up to date drivers so I guess I will keep hardware acceleration on and only turn off as needed, which appears to affect very few less than 1% of my movies.

Might try and re rip 300 to see if that solves the issue.
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