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madspeed's Avatar madspeed 03:51 PM 11-14-2013
Finally got rid of the crappy Wild Blue I was stuck with for several years as it was the only thing available to my rural home at the time. Just got Verizon dsl and it is so much better.

Im noticing the Verizon wireless dsl router drops signal fairly frequently. I would like to replace it with a better unit. I dont need lots of bells and whistles, just something with the wifi capability. I will be connecting my avr via cat5 so not streaming over wifi, as my batcave theater is pretty isolated in the home.

What you guys say? I dont know much about dsl modems, routers etc, so help me out!'s Avatar 11:15 AM 11-16-2013
I got an Amped Wireless RTA15 and R20000G and both have been awesome with streaming!

No buffering on any of them and I get good 802.11ac speeds too.

Barely have to think about them, as they have been pretty stable.
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