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Current storage infrastructure:
DS1813+, 4GB, 8x4TB Seagate NAS, SHR-2
DX513, 5x4TB Seagate NAS, SHR-1
DS214+, 2x4TB NAS, RAID 1

The DS1813+ acts as the file server and iSCSI for vSphere. The DX513 is attached to the DS1813+ as the archiving backup volume. The DS214+ is the Surveillance Station server.

I have a DS1813+ and an additional 4TB Seagate NAS drive on order. The reasons were to reduce/consolidate storage components and get VAAI support on the 2nd NAS for future flexibility (DS214+ was a poor purchase after using for a while). I expect to get good value on eBay for the driveless units.

Future storage infrastructure:
DS1813+, 4GB, 8x4TB Seagate NAS
DS1813+, 2GB, 8x4TB Seagate NAS

Right now I'm considering moving to SHA as the backup / redundancy schema vs the current archiving backup.

(1) Some documentation mentions SHA requires identical RAM. True or False?
(2) The current volume is SHR-2 which is not supported by SHA.

Potential Solutions:
(1) a. Downgrade or upgrade the RAM
(1) b. Not a compatibility issue
(2) a. Do a full backup to the DX513, and back up the configuration. Delete the SHR-2 volume on the DS1813+. Create a RAID 6 volume. Restore backup. Restore configuration.
(2) b. Move all the drives from decommissioned NASes to new DS1813+. Create new RAID 6 volume. Restore configuration from original DS1813+. Copy data to new DS1813+.

Please let me know which solution(s) work best. Should I even care about SHA? Should I use shared folder sync? Should I just continue using [network] backup? Power savings using [network] backup vs SHA (always on)?

On the power saving note, I believe consolidating all the VMs to the NAS from local SSD storage on the hosts will allow me to use more aggressive/effective DRS/DPM settings.
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