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Apple TV 4K HDR dull?

I have an LG OLED C7 television. I got the new Apple TV 4K today, and when I turned it on, I noticed that the colors are somewhat dull.

I know the third party apps haven't been updated to support HDR yet, but even on the first party home screen icons, I notice a difference.

Is this supposed to be the case? Are the Dolby Vision colors more accurate, and that I'm just not used to them?

4K SDR 60 Hz

4K HDR 60Hz

Dolby Vision
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Angry Apple TV 4k = Crap

Another disappointed owner here. Sony x930E, and I've not seen a more dull, washed out image in recent years.
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It makes me wonder why people are so insistent to try and be on the brink with technology and a mediocre streaming device and pay high price for it?
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Hi All

I recently purchased the new Apple TV 4K and have the Samsung KS8000 and was throughly
disappointed. Colours were washed out and tbh looked worse than 480p content

To better explain the issue I should note:

1.) Majority of my media is stored on an external drive connected to my router

2.) iTunes movies at least mine have still not been upgraded

3.) TV = Samsung UN49KS8000 49-Inch

4.) Apple TV initially connected to ONKYO TX-NR656

5.) Cable used Monster Black Platinum


1.) Initially just hooked up to the Onkyo which is output to the TV

2.) Media = Planet Earth 4k edition, 4k Trailers from iTunes Movies section, Netflix 4k House of cards

3.) Infuse Pro 5 app

4.) Samsung built in app to playback network media

5.) Verified cable using PS4 which is also connected to Onkyo

6.) To be fair, disconnected Apple TV from Onkyo and plugged into Samsung breakout box

Note: Samsung KS TV’s don’t have a direct HDMI input but rather a breakout box which
has all the HDMI inputs

7.) Tested both HDR and SDR at 60, 50, 30 and 24Hz


While connected to the Onkyo I seen the washed out menus, yellowed menus and connected
directly to the breakout box. To be fair the HDMI handshake could have been cause but for the remainder of my testing I just connected the Apple TV directly to the breakout box

I enabled the HDMI UHD colour for all the HDMI inputs on the breakout box, just so you know the
results I am presenting I tested with both Apples implementation of HDR and SDR, I also enabled
Samsung HDR both on and off. Example - Apple TV 4k HDR 60Hz and Samsung HDR on then
Apple TV 4k SDR 60Hz Samsung HDR On…Then Apple TV 4k HDR 60Hz and Samsung HDR off
and so on

With each change I would turn off the TV and restart the Apple TV to ensure the proper HDMI
handshake…yes I spent hours trying to figure it out

The results were always the same, that using the built in Samsung ability to play back from a network
share or the Samsung Netflix app produced 4K output and the Apple TV produced sub par 480 like output on both

I can also attest that the Apple screensaver produces 4k like output. But when playing media from
either Network share, iTunes Movie 4K preview or the built in Netflix app produced output that was worse than 480p content

I logged a case with Apple support (case# 100300334942) and it was determined that the iTunes
movies 4K previews are just 1080p clips upscaled

I also provided all the above information

My opinion and it is only my opinion…that Apple made a big deal out of the Apple TV supporting
Dolby Vision which is primarily and LG Oled feature but would explain why those owners don’t
see the problems that there set owners are seeing.

Here is a screenshot showing the Samsung with HDR enabled playing back Planet Earth and
the Same clip with the Apple TV and Samsung HDR disabled (keep in mind the results are the same
regardless of combination):

Top Screenshot is Samsung bottom is Apple TV also keep in mind this is a cell phone photo
the results in real life are much more dramatic (see attached cell photo)

Some very similar results I am seeing are being noted at Reddit (I can post links so just Google "Apple TV Washed out" and click on the Reddit post

I believe that the HDR standards not being truly agreed upon and Apples decision to not have automatic switching for different media (currently all content is played back at 4K, non 4K is upscaled)
means that Apple and Samsung, Sony etc etc need to have their engineers sit in a room and talk to each other….and agree on some standards

I don’t see that happening anytime soon until enough people complain and I made the decision to return the Apple TV. If they do finally resolve these issues via a firmware update I will then repurchase but tbh I am not holding my breath

Again that is just my opinion, I hope the above helps out others and that the case # will help that
the issue has been reported making it simpler for others
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Click image for larger version

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i think this problem got sorted out on a different thread:

apple 4k tv does not have its menu programmed for HDR, presumably for backward compatibility. On the other hand, their screen savers are programmed in HDR. The menu looks washed out and dull unless you use SDR mode.

The SDR programming (old content) seems to be "up-converted" to HDR so it looks a bit weird too when you run the apple tv 4k in HDR mode.

some people have given up and just watch the whole thing in SDR (since it looks great this way for a majority of content).

apple TV is not switching modes based on the content... and this seems to be the problem.

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I almost feel like I should have something wrong but I don't. My viewing in HDR 10 has been extremely well. I have a Samsung 65 HU8550 and a SEK hooked to it and have the Apple TV in the SEK.
4k HDR @60 Hz
Chorma 4:2:0
On the TV, Picture mode:Movie,Color is 47, Tint is 50, Dynamic Contrast:High, Black Tone: Dark, Flesh Tone:0, RGB:Off, Color Space:Auto, Gamma:1(I do change it at times), Color Tone:Warm 1, HDMI UHD Color: On on all 4 ports, Auto Motion Plus:Clear, Smart LED:High

It worked right out the box and have yet to play with any other settings.
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