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Great thread. Thanks to all for the wealth of information. I was wondering if anybody had compiled a list or knows of multiple vendors that make a commercial version of a server that stores and plays music, can upload additional music, plays multiple zones simultaneously, and keeps track of the number of times each song is played. This would be similar to a Muzak or DMX box.

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I realize the spreadsheet hasn't been upgraded in over a year. I'm sure not ready to take up the job of doing it even though I'm in the market. Looking at the list of file formats, I must admit I don't know what everything means (MPEG-4 MP@HL (High Def)?) but I don't see anything about h.264. I realize that's a codec and not a file format, but the container is only part of the question here, whether a box can decode high bitrate h.264 seems to be a very common question these days, and as far as I know (please correct me and I'll buy whatever can play it!) there is nothing aside from a gaming system of HTPC that can do it.... right?
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Originally Posted by st5000 View Post

I think the real problem is that the ReplayTV units use the time of day to encode some of their communication. With out this, I don't think you can talk to the ReplayTV unit. If you want remote access to ReplayTV files I can only think of 3 alternatives. There is a commercial ReplayTV for your computer you can buy. I imagen that will work. You can install JAVA and download DVArchive (for free I believe) and run that on your computer. It will look like another ReplayTV box and you can either play from your box at your computer or the other way around if you like.

What I really want is remote access to the mpg files I got by using DVarchive.

The bad news is that the ReplayPC software version doesn't talk to the real Replay hardware boxes or DVarchive for that matter. It records in ms-dvr format but I didn't try playing a mpeg with it. The trial expired so I could try it again on another machine. I wanted to avoid starting the build-my-own-home-DVR project. If I did use ReplayPC then if it didn't play the files I could just use Windows media player to play them.

I was hoping for an off-the-shelf media extender that uses DNA/UPNP and understands the strange (codec/big header) mpeg files that come out when using DVarchive.

So far the MediaMVP with MVPMC sounds best and it talks to hardware Replay boxes so might be worth doing. If I can find one for $40 it is well worth just trying it. I know they don't connect to the Replay hardware box but that is fine. Too bad those things didn't have flashed firmware rather than tftp loaded.
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You can use any of the many PVR programs with MediaMVP.

GBPVR - it has it's own software to run on MediaMVP
CTPVR - beta is almost out for MediaMVP
Media Portal - none yet
SAGETV - it has it own license software to run on MediaMVP
Beyond TV - third party beta software to run on MediaMVP
MCE 2005 - none to date

To record and watch on the MediaMVP, GBPVR and SAGETV works very well SAGETV has PQ fonts and graphics, still can't figure out how they do that..
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So it's been quite awhile since anyone posted here, but this Topic matched better than any other.


This is the most complete spreadsheet I have seen. 


I was looking for something 1080p, small, fast hardware decoding, that was DVD and BD menu aware, that supports ripped DVDs in ISO or TS and supported all formats I could throw at it.  I basically want XBMC streaming to my non-Smart 1080p LED HDTV.


It's here that I found out that some even had hard disk interfaces without getting much bigger which opened up possibilities I hadn't thought of.  Rock solid playback no matter what was happening on the network with disk buffering, nice, especially for full HD and BD.


So anyway this was posted by Mike Garcen here. Last update listed in the posting was 1/16/2012.




The guy that made it was nice enough to use a Google spreadsheet for the posting that is Here.


I hope someone finds it useful, I sure did.




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The reason no-one posts any more is because the scene is dead with only a few hangers on clinging to old products.

Android/iOS, XBMC/Plex, internet media streamers, Cinavia (which killed off BD menu support), competent DLNA players in everything have all combined and brought the dedicated player market to it's knees. There is no more development of them, Realtek stopped and Sigma Designs is on death watch.

All the action is centered around XBMC these days in the form of Android devices that can run it and the increasing small number of Arm/x86 STB style linux devices that also run it. Those are the closest thing to the commercial media players you could buy, or just buy something like an Intel NUC and run openelec for XBMC, that does everything you need.
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