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slader99's Avatar slader99 11:05 AM 02-06-2010
I've built myself a nice, silent, HTPC. In addition to a media center the intent is also to use the box as a replacement for all the other PC's we currently have (word processing ect). As such its extremely important to me how my HTPC HDMI out looks on the set.

Space is a constraint in the room - looking at either a 40-42 inch set. I've narrowed it down to two TV's I'm interested in. I've hooked my HTPC up to both at different friends houses (unfortunately not side by side).

LCD _> Aquos LC40E77U

I was very happy with the picture on both these sets without any tweaking of settings. I'm not convinced the plasma will be worth the extra 2hun.... I'm hoping that the experts in the forum can help me decide between these sets (and/or offer another alternative in this size and price range).

I'd be very appreciative if anyone who is using one of the sets above in a HTPC situation can weigh in.



i7 920 @ 3.15GHz, Asus PT6, Radeon 5850, LG CH08.

Nielo TM's Avatar Nielo TM 01:14 PM 02-06-2010
I would avoid Sharp ASV panels due to the delta pixel architecture. For text based content, it's better to opt for a strip pixel instead.

As for PDP, it will no doubt produce excellent image (especially after ICC profiling), but I'm not sure about viewing text as it may cause eyestrain.
slader99's Avatar slader99 01:36 PM 02-06-2010

Appreciate the response. It sounds like the LCD I am considering might not be my best bet (due to delta vs strip pixel arrangement). I will read up more on this as I am not familiar with these terms as of yet - would you be able to suggest an alternate LCD with a similar price tag?


Nielo TM's Avatar Nielo TM 01:45 PM 02-06-2010
I'm in the UK, so I won't be much of help in that regard.

However, if you can quote your budget, I could search around some sites (but I'm only aware of Walmart, BB and NewEgg)

As for Delta vs Strip, you can find more information about via the link below

slader99's Avatar slader99 01:55 PM 02-06-2010
Budget is less than $1100 bucks. I've been using amazon.com for getting prices - I will use that to get a local store to match.

Thanks for the link - Im reading up on that new information as well as the guide in your sig.

Does moving to a strip based pixel mean I take a bit of a hit in all departments other than text content?


Nielo TM's Avatar Nielo TM 02:32 PM 02-06-2010
Strip addressing provides better definition by default compared to delta.

As for the set, Samsung series 5 and 6 are very good and they accept number of VESA timings via HDMI/DVI.

However, in the UK, the entire series 6 have static 10-bit processing which results in higher input lag. Hopefully the new models feature dual processing akin to the Sharp LE700 series.

In the US, I believe certain series 6 have identical lag to series 5, but I'm sure of the model number.

Hopefully, some one here can provide such information in detail.
slader99's Avatar slader99 01:40 PM 02-07-2010
I've found the samsung LN40B610 available at a reasonable price.

I still am struggling with the LCD vs Plasma decision for this application. Is input lag a reasonable sacrifice in order to get 24p support?

Once again I would like to request that someone with a HTPC hooked up to their Sharp LC40E77U \\ Samsung LN40B610 \\ Panasonic TCP42G15 weigh in.
slader99's Avatar slader99 08:40 PM 02-08-2010

I'd love some feedback guys - if I could push past this in-decision I would go out and upgrade my 20" tube this week!
Nielo TM's Avatar Nielo TM 08:58 PM 02-08-2010
Originally Posted by slader99 View Post

I still am struggling with the LCD vs Plasma decision for this application. Is input lag a reasonable sacrifice in order to get 24p support?

There's no need to sacrifice one over the other
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