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Originally Posted by 8mile13 View Post

Where i live there are one or two Plasma's and fifthy up to hundred LCd's in the stores. All that people see is LCd LCd LCd. Also, there must be something wrong with Plasma since there are only a few of them.

Salesmen do not like Plasma, its kind of like a death sentence.

I guess the Do Do Bird and the dinosaur felt the same way.
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matte screens look to me dimmed out while gloss screens look like glass on crt tvs. Unless you have wall of windows that sunlight comes through when sunsets gloss isn't much of an issue in normal light settings.
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Originally Posted by specuvestor View Post

It's hard to sell them in a bright environment. It's a vicious cycle.

What J6P fail to realise is that your house is never going to be that bright. And I know what I'm saying as I live near the Equator

In short Plasma marketing (and strategic positioning) sucks (which I have been saying for years). They've lost the battle in 1080p race, and now lost the war as Panny shuts P5.

For me it was more about budget. I wanted a plasma, but could not afford the cost for the features I wanted:

1080p or 720p (could not tell the difference at 8 feet away, could at 5)
AR filter
Decent black levels

I use a surround sound system, so I do not care about speaker quality, and I with the receiver I only have the one hdmi cable to the tv. I have a ps3 for media purposes, so I do not need usb streaming or widgets. Don't care how thin it is, because it will be on a deep tv stand and I just see that as a weakness potentially causing compromises (smaller power supply/heat distribution). But I am in the minority and the general public seems to rather like quanity of features over quality.

This year looks to be the last of the Panasonic ST line making 42", and Samsung has already stopped offering one with a filter.

Since I could not get the tv I wanted right now, I decided to buy an lcd (32" Panasonic-wanted the Alpha IPS panel), and will get a plasma when I can afford it.

Probably something along the lines of a Panasonic ST or Samsung 550 (if I can tolerate the glare) or the 7000.
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Strange, most plasmas I see are cheaper than LCD.

My friend has a SONY led lcd, the glass on it is as reflective as my plasma. My computer screens have matte finish and I would hate that for my movie display. Anywho, consumers in general probably think LCD is better because it is newer and more expensive. It's weird but that's just how people are, if item A is more expensive than item B, people assume it's better....or why else would it be more expensive.

I backlit my tv with rope light, it helps to lessen the reflections.

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