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W4DXL's Avatar W4DXL 12:21 AM 05-26-2012
If you look long enough you know that the brand names of old bear no resemblance to the companies that once were. Most know that RCA was sold to GE then both brands were sold to Thompson of France who in turn has licensed the RCA brand to TCL a Taiwanese company. Sylvania, Emerson and others are now made by Funai. Now even some of the Japanese brands have done the same. This week I found the JVC TV sets are made by AnTram the same company that makes most of the circuit boards for Vizio.

Outsourcing of parts in TV sets is nothing new. For many years RCA made chassis while Sylvania made the Color CRT's for many other brands. When the brand name is licensed to another company that's a bit much. Do they really think they are fooling us? Maybe no one really cares?

JazzGuyy's Avatar JazzGuyy 06:34 AM 05-26-2012
I think they fool the people they are interested in fooling. These are people who shop based on the lowest price alone and would like to think they have bought a quality brand. Many shoppers just assume an old brand is a continuation of the one they knew years ago.

These brands also appeal to the "bargain" stores like Wal-Mart that would like to make its clientele think they are selling significant brand names.
MrBobb's Avatar MrBobb 12:24 PM 05-27-2012
Originally Posted by W4DXL View Post

Maybe no one really cares?

U sound bitter.

No surprise to me, welcome to the 21st century globalization where everybody outsources.

Now, regardless of where the components came from, u are going to get a better warranty and some would say better service from Sony than Vizio. Yep, both break the same, but one u get help, the other, uh maybe. With the brand name you may also get a designer bezel, yep u pay for looks.

But yeah, the days of over-engineering, six-sigma (look it up) quality control is in the museum, sadly. So sorry.
W4DXL's Avatar W4DXL 11:42 AM 05-29-2012
Nah, I'm not bitter, just want to know who's junk I'm buying. I have no problem with LG producing Zenith sets, after all they bought the company. All this licensing of names makes it hard to trace just who is responsible. Old thinking I guess.

Oh and I know a little bit about 6 Sigma since we have it where I work.
Matt L's Avatar Matt L 09:47 PM 05-29-2012
Funny. I just took a survey and one of the questions was which brands do I think of as "Good Quality", on the list was just about every major brand from the past that exists now in name only. I marked all of them as poor quality and unacceptable.
Tapioca Cold's Avatar Tapioca Cold 02:32 AM 06-18-2012
Reputation. That's what's in a name.

Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, LG, Samsung etc.

Sylvania, Dynex, Prima, Sigma etc.

If you can't tell me there is a difference in these two lists then.... it's yours! You bought it.
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