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Robert Greenhoe's Avatar Robert Greenhoe 05:33 PM 06-30-2012
I have a 53" SONY bravia LCD and I need to repair it, I attached a photo of the issue, if anyone has any info on how to fix it please let me know


steve1022's Avatar steve1022 07:35 PM 07-02-2012
I'm not a repairman so the only suggestion I have it to try to factory default reset it and see if it helps at all.
Chronoptimist's Avatar Chronoptimist 12:33 AM 07-03-2012
Your TV has clearly been impacted by something in the lower-left corner. Cost of replacing the panel (parts + labour) will be more expensive than replacing the set.
Gary McCoy's Avatar Gary McCoy 08:44 AM 07-03-2012
Your HDTV is a total loss caused by abuse, a physical impact to the screen which has broken the glass substrate used for the LCD cells. It is not economicly repairable because of the cost of the panel which is about 70% of the HDTV and most often unavailable.

You may be able to make a homeowner's insurance claim. Decide if that is wise before doing so.
leftcoastjayhawk's Avatar leftcoastjayhawk 11:36 PM 07-12-2012
That'll buff right out.....biggrin.gif
maladjusted's Avatar maladjusted 12:26 PM 07-30-2012
you could buy 2 new 55" sony tvs for what it would cost to get a replacement lcd panel for a W/V 4000. Seriously:eek:
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