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Since most of us here are A/V hobbyist. We're getting new sets every 3-4 years. I went through a few tube TVs back in the day. And gave it away. But when we start buying high TV's what do you do with it after you upgrade again. I just recently upgraded my set in my HT room from a 3 yr old 60" Kuro Elite to a 70" Elite. Moved my 60" to my room and my 42" to my sons room for gaming. And in 3 to 4 years 4k sets will probably mature and probably be in the 9-10 g range for a high end set. Then we all know will upgrade again. But what else do you do with the older set. Give away, sell it, donate it! Can't imagine giving away a 7 thousand dollar set. Even if it were already 3 years old.
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Once it is three years old, it probably won't be "worth" $7,000.

But your options presumably would remain the same: Sell it for what the market will bear; Give to a family member - or perhaps sell it at a "Discount" to family member / friend; Donate it to a worthy charity....

Or turn it over to a recycling outfit.
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If I could repurpose it around the house, that would,be my first option.
If not, offer it to a family member.
Failing that, try and sell it. You will probably lose 80-90% on a high end set if it is not a Kuro, or possibly an XBR. I can’t think of any other sets with a reputation that would let them hold some more value.
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All our tube tv's except for my sisters tv have been givin to Best Buy. I sold one of my Sony 46V4100 flat panel tv's to my freind who still has it and its still running strong! My sister has the only tube tv left in the house and its a Sony Trinitron. She has no interest in flat panel tv's and says as long as she can watch tv she dont care.
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