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curiouscharles's Avatar curiouscharles 09:18 AM 02-21-2013
Hi guys,

It's been years since I've logged into AVS forums (literally... years).

You guys helped me decide on the 32" Samsung 1080p HDTV that is currently sitting in my studio in Vancouver, which I use primarily for color-verification while post-processing in Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop, etc.

Well, the time has come to move my business across the country, and I will be needing two displays, both of which will be used for the same purpose (post-processing / color verification / as well as some gaming & general television & film watching).

I was hoping to simply find an improved quality 32" led/lcd HDTV display, but was hoping people could make some recommendations for sets with great color accuracy and picture quality, but at a good price (hence the 32" size limitation).

I would certainly be willing to consider larger sets, and even smaller sets, should the price/quality ratio be more desirable.

edit: I should add that I'm already strongly leaning towards 2 Samsung UN32EH5000's, as they seem to offer pretty decent picture quality at a trigger-pullable price.

Either way, excited to receive any feedback from you guys - thanks for making my last purchase such a win. biggrin.gif

Chronoptimist's Avatar Chronoptimist 12:37 PM 02-21-2013
I would want a 30" monitor with a 2560x1600 resolution and writable hardware LUTs (i.e. not Apple) rather than a 1080p HDTV for photography work.
curiouscharles's Avatar curiouscharles 01:49 PM 02-21-2013
thanks for the reply sir.

yes, most proper editing will be done on a proper monitor.

however, i always have at least three other display types present for color verification across devices (one iPad w/ retina display, and at least one HDTV display). not looking for the creme of the crop, but something at the high end of quality just as another device both for color verification and for desktop / work environment extension.
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