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VespaRider's Avatar VespaRider 07:52 PM 03-02-2013
Hi all,

I'm looking for a super low profile power plug for my Panasonic TC-P55ST50 plasma TV. My El-Cheapo Chinese (but I like) metal/glass stand is blocking the area for the power plug. It has been an awful assembly for this stand (instructions are terrible) but looks pretty much like I wanted it but the support column blocks the power plug on the TV. The factory cable won't work but something really low profile might.

Does anybody know of a cable that has a female plug that is ultra low profile?


Dierkdr's Avatar Dierkdr 02:11 PM 03-03-2013
Try a search - recall this topic coming up before.

FWIW, No. 1 Son had a similar sounding problem with his mount & Pan plasma, and was able to work around it with a combination of a Low Profile Right Angle plug + some longer screws & spacers to provide a bit more room between the mount and the back of the tv.

Seems to have worked fine.
VespaRider's Avatar VespaRider 05:48 PM 03-03-2013
Thanks Dierkdr. I'll look for that thread if my 'Plan B' doesn't pan out. I was going to mount the TV lower but access to the lower half of the upper slot was masked (it's a really ill designed stand). I had to pull out the dremel to notch out a bit to get to the upper screw. I think I can just do the same thing to the bottom half.

If that works I can get past the worst of what's blocking the plug going into the TV. This works out better since it will lower the TV down about 2" and I prefer it lower. The center channel will block most of the lower part of the frame but not the picture so more of a bonus if that works.

I had already shimmed the top with washers to cant the tv downward but the screws are long enough that I can add more washers to all four to provide more room for the plug. If plugging the cord in first and doing all that STILL doesn't work then I'll hunt down a power cable that has a low profile female end on it.

The combination of all that will work for the dremel is going to get medieval on that stand!
VespaRider's Avatar VespaRider 06:56 PM 04-04-2013
Just a follow up. Me and the dremel had to do some weight reduction on the stand. You can't see the mounts anyway. I'm happy with the result even if the stand is a low dollar model.

I'm using the factory plug too. The height seems about perfect with my eyes level about the end of the first 1/3 of the screen from the bottom. Seems more theater-ey that way.
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