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8mile13's Avatar 8mile13 04:24 PM 07-25-2013
Its pretty clear to me that the curved OLED is a one person TV. I do not believe that two or more people would get a pleasant experience out of it.

The curved TV will be out there as long manufacturers keep on making them. Only a minimum number of people will be interested in buying them. I am pretty shure that there is -> was <- more interest out there for the 21:9 TV and 3D.

ynotgoal's Avatar ynotgoal 04:33 PM 07-25-2013
"the two things about this TV that have received the most attention are, to me, the two least important things: the curved screen and the price."


No discussion of the better black levels than plasma or local dimming LED, good brightness and color uniformity even in a well lit area, 30,000 hour lifetime, no uneven color wear (blue wear leading to a shift to yellow).
schnura's Avatar schnura 04:54 PM 07-25-2013
Very good point ynotgoal. ^^ Here's a post from the latest news thread that supports what you and others are saying. The curve is minor it's the OLED picture quality that we should be talking about.
Originally Posted by PWM View Post

Here are some pictures I took of the set on Monday.

The curve is very slight and you only notice it if you are looking at the set from the side. The off angle viewing is the best i have ever seen on a tv, there is no drop off in picture quality even when viewing at a 90 degree angle. The blacks are the deepest I have seen and the colors just popped. The tv blew away the ZT60 that were sitting on the wall by it (the ZT60 is the one in the background of the side view picture).

The pictures were taking with an iPhone 5 but they don't do the set justice on just how good it is.

Wizziwig's Avatar Wizziwig 09:25 PM 07-25-2013
Cnet ran the numbers and showed that the curved format makes no sense at this screen size. Because the curve is so slight, the radius from center is actually much larger than the suggested 4-10'. You need to be sitting 134" away to be at the center. At that distance, a 55" 1080p set might as well be 720p.


I'll reserve final judgement until they show up locally but I tend to agree with Cnet's initial conclusion.
Wizziwig's Avatar Wizziwig 12:36 AM 07-26-2013

rogo's Avatar rogo 12:46 AM 07-26-2013
So I agree with the Cnet article completely but I think it misses one central point: The reason to curve the screen is not literally to provide the benefit outlined, but to provide the illusion of it. It's likely going to do that.

Most people don't sit anywhere near close enough to these distances outlined in the article anyway. If you do, great, you will probably be convinced the curve is "working". If you don't, you will probably be convinced your curved TV is the coolest thing on the block. It's called cognitive dissonance.

Whenever they can actually manufacture these in quantity, they will offer a flat one.
Desk.'s Avatar Desk. 03:42 AM 07-26-2013
In my view, the primary reason for the curved screen is to visibly differentiate this new TV technology from existing plasma and LED tech.

These concave screens are very different from anything seen before thanks to the nature of OLED. As a result, they provide an appealing and easy way for the mass news media to highlight the arrival of this new technology to Joe Q Citizen, wihout getting into talk about contrast ratio and cm/2 ratings.

These sets aren't meant to sell in any numbers (and are priced accordingly), largely because they're obviously still working to produce panels in a reliable and affordable way.

What they do is serve as a flag in the sand, saying 'OLED TV actually exists, sets are now available for sale, this is the future'.

It buys the companies a little bit of time, and plants the seed of OLED in the public consciousness while they work to develop the manufacturing process.

The problem is that OLED is going to have to come to market pretty cheap early on. Plasmas may have been $15,000 when they came out, but they represented a radical departure in design from CRT and were therefore highly desirable. OLED will be competing against tech which, when seen in a bright showroom, may not look much different in terms of design, and it might therefore struggle to command a hefty premium.
mattg3's Avatar mattg3 03:56 AM 07-26-2013
Lets wait till someone buys one,lives with it for a while and then reports on here whats going on.
rogo's Avatar rogo 04:31 AM 07-26-2013
Originally Posted by mattg3 View Post

Lets wait till someone buys one,lives with it for a while and then reports on here whats going on.

From the irony files: You are much more likely to hear of someone taking delivery of one of the really, really tiny number of Samsung panels vs. the larger number of LG panels that are coming, but not here.
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