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08-25-2014 | Posts: 202
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Hey all, you might laugh at me for asking, and my apologies if it's the wrong forum(?) but I'm looking into the tv frames for my wife who would let me put TV above fireplace IF i have a frame with mirror overtop. We saw one at a home show and she liked the idea but I'm not sure it was the best product on the market.

Questions: best source/brand?
Does it matter if it's lcd or plasma tv?
Does it affect the quality of what you see on TV when it's turned on?
Thanks, all-
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08-29-2014 | Posts: 7,584
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Personally I wouldn't put a tv above a fireplace. Wiring can be a pain, the space can limit the size, utilizing an alternate sound system (not the tv speakers) can be a challenging project, etc. Besides, if you have a mirrored frame, I would think that any room reflections (light, objects) would distract from your viewing experience. However, there is no right or wrong answer here, just my opinion fwiw. LCD or plasma would depend on your room lighting conditions (natural and artificial light).
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