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ElvisIncognito's Avatar ElvisIncognito 01:02 PM 05-19-2004
Originally posted by metz520
We'll see how good Akai's 1 year warreantee and on site repair are.
Didn't buy it from Costco, huh?

metz520's Avatar metz520 03:59 PM 05-20-2004
Yeah, I did. I figure I'll give Akai a chance to fix it before I decide if it's going back to Costco.
marchristensen's Avatar marchristensen 12:23 PM 05-21-2004
I have the older Akai 4290. Last night I was switching between Video (tivo)and RGB (computer) output, and intermittently the connection between my computer and Akai panel went out. I played around with the VGA cable and was able to get it working fine - but I am concerned. Has anyone had any trouble with the RGB connection for their Akai?
cvillacci's Avatar cvillacci 09:37 PM 05-21-2004
I have the newer version and I have had no problems with it.

Question for everyone who still owns the Akai: Do you still like your TV and are you happy with it?

There has been so much Akai bashing on this site, but I am very happy with my Akai and the PQ of it. I keep looking at other TV's at the stores and do not see any difference between the high end TV's and mine. Granted, they are not side by side comparisons but I would think I would see noticable differences when looking at more expensive TV'S. Maybe I just do not have such a critical eye.

I looked at ED and HD and side by side, I see that HD has more pixels and they are smaller. However, generally I would have to say with an HD feed from 1-2 feet away in the store they look the same. I stepped back several more feet and they still look similar. Granted, some TV's are brighter or more colorful or more black but generally speaking, they all look great.

The only BAD plasma picture that I saw was a Samsung today at BB for $$$$. It was set far apart from the other plasmas on the floor and without my glasses from 6 feet away I could see screen door BIG TIME and wavy lines and weird color changes. Maybe this is what some people see on thier Akai, but mine looks great.

[EDITED:Price Removed-MSRP is Allowed]
theBike45's Avatar theBike45 07:30 AM 05-22-2004
A lot of good info on this thread - and a zillion misspellings and just about every conceivable grammatical error known to the English language. Don't you just love our English spelling "system?" How does a foreigner ever learn this idiotically spelled language? Answer : they (and many natives) seldom do. It gets even worse as you get older.
metz520's Avatar metz520 11:31 AM 05-26-2004
Blown power supply on mine. A big cracked capacitor on the power board. I can now confirm that the internals of the AKAI are made by Samsung :p

The Tech swapped out the entire board and I'm back. I spent some time talking with the tech. Samsung lets him swap out an entire board. AKAI wants the problem narrowed down to a component. He decided he'd rather only make 1 trip to my house so he swapped out the board. He hasn't seen this problem on any other set than mine.

The fix he's been performing most on the AKAI sets is an isolation of a buzzing sound. Basically the back panel buzzes because the external speakers transfer some vibration through the panel. He puts in some felt washes and the problem is solved. Mostly of his plasma service calls are for the panny shutdown issue. Nice guy, very good at his job. I did need to be home to help him remove the plasma from the wall.

I'm very happy with my AKAI panel. The only time I've been unsatisfied lately was watching Master and Commander. I thought it was my set but it turns out no one is satisfied with the transfer to DVD for that movie.
cvillacci's Avatar cvillacci 01:49 PM 05-26-2004
I just did a side by side comparison of the Panny consumer ED pannel to my Akai from Costco. I am returning the Panny. The price difference is $1800 more (with EW) than what I paid for at Costco. The picture quality difference is negligible to my eyes and my moms. She actually like the Akai picture better because of the brighter picture.

Yes Akai greens are more lime than panny, and yes pannys blacks are blacker adn whites are whiter, but not $1800 better. For that difference, I could almost get another Akai for the bedroom.
marchristensen's Avatar marchristensen 06:46 AM 05-27-2004
cvillacci - Where did you make your Panny purchase from that you are returning? I am considering a Panny 37 for the bedroom and have been afraid to purchase from anyone other than Costco because of potential return problems.
ElvisIncognito's Avatar ElvisIncognito 10:25 AM 05-27-2004
Originally posted by cvillacci
The picture quality difference is negligible to my eyes and my moms.
Did you look at anything with gradiated color? The scene from Finding Nemo where Marlon and Dory encounter the angler fish is a perfect test - the color banding (as it goes from the bright light of the angler fish's "lure" to the pitch blackness of the surroundings) is HORRENDOUS on the Akai. It's things like that that ruin movies for me - you want a movie to suck you in, so you can get involved w/the characters, but when you see such atrocious posterization, it completely shatters the illusion.

You may also want to have a look here.
cvillacci's Avatar cvillacci 02:27 PM 05-27-2004
I purchased the panny at CC, they have a 30 day money back no questions guarantee.

I did watch Nemo on the TV'S and they both looked the same to me. I even played it back from my replay and it looked fine to me. I could not see any major differences between the 2 TV's IMHO. I was expecting the panny to really take my breath away and beat the Akai picture, but to me they were so close that I like the brightness of the Akai picture better and if they were the same price, I think I would choose the Akai.
padrongus's Avatar padrongus 08:37 AM 05-28-2004
I still have my Akai 4294 and am very happy with it. I made the tweeks and good dvds look awesome. HD from Sony HD300 via DVI also looks great.
cvillacci's Avatar cvillacci 09:34 AM 05-28-2004
padrongus - What settings do you have your Akai at? I seem to change them with different sources and shows.
yowsa's Avatar yowsa 11:30 PM 10-03-2004
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