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markrubin's Avatar markrubin 10:50 AM 02-04-2003
lets collect data in this new thread listing all HDCP ( aka HDMI) capable plasma and LCD displays as a resource to those who want to know what is available: ultimately this information should make it's way into the FAQ section

please post the make and model and a link if possible, for every display that is KNOWN HDCP, or is KNOWN HDCP upgradeable (such as a Pioneer with a card slot) and your comments if you wish

Please- only KNOWN HDCP/upgradeable to HDCP displays so our information is dependable


markrubin's Avatar markrubin 11:27 AM 02-04-2003
HDCP capable 50" plasma:

Fujitsu P50XHA10US

mfg link:

this is a new Fujitsu plasma that has a DVI-HDCP compliant input

for more details, see the Jersey Shore Shootout:

markrubin's Avatar markrubin 02:29 PM 02-04-2003
trainerdave has also advised on some 42" plasma displays with DVI HDCP:

the 42 hi-def and standard def models are shipping now,

MAB's Avatar MAB 02:44 PM 02-04-2003
I am pretty sure the Sony KE-50XBR900 is hdcp compliant.
Chris Hansen's Avatar Chris Hansen 03:22 PM 02-04-2003
Although I am not sure, I would expect all the Sony plasmas with DVI (i.e. KE42TS2U, KE32TS2U and KE50XBR900) to be HDCP compliant given that Sony's HD200 set top box outputs HDCP at its DVI terminal. Of course that is an assumption and Sony could be proven to produce a STB that outputs HDCP and yet produce plasmas with DVI that cannot accept HDCP (if it turn out that way, it would be odd given that Sony's plasma manual recommends the HD200 for satellite connection).
docrings's Avatar docrings 03:51 PM 02-04-2003
Toshiba 57HLX82 57" LCoS

DVI/HDCP capable
markrubin's Avatar markrubin 03:54 PM 02-04-2003
excellent- all are welcome- Thank You!

keep them coming!

romanr's Avatar romanr 04:20 PM 02-04-2003
Tom Ebaugh's Avatar Tom Ebaugh 05:11 PM 02-04-2003
markrubin's Avatar markrubin 06:19 PM 02-04-2003
Samsung LTM295W- a new 29" LCD display with HDCP

limited sightings of this new unit- still looking for a review- also a 22" and a 40" announced
rogo's Avatar rogo 01:47 AM 02-05-2003
Yes, all DVI Sonys meet the test.
GGoodrum's Avatar GGoodrum 11:53 PM 02-05-2003
The Pioneer 433cmx, 503cmx, Pro 800HD and Pro 1000 HD will be upgradeble to DVI-HDCP compatibility via a new video plug-in card from Aurora Multimedia called the TVP-1000+. More info is available at:
Stretch66's Avatar Stretch66 08:02 AM 02-07-2003
Samsung HLM617W DLP unit has the HDCP as well (althought this might not be the right place to post this?).

Bill Gehring's Avatar Bill Gehring 09:21 AM 02-07-2003
robert123's Avatar robert123 04:28 PM 02-07-2003
markrubin's Avatar markrubin 05:07 PM 02-07-2003
Pioneer upgrade card from Key Digital Systems:

check for latest version/HDCP/availability
willmd's Avatar willmd 10:45 PM 02-08-2003
Sampo PME-42X6 also supports DVI-HDCP.

raidbuck's Avatar raidbuck 08:37 PM 02-17-2003
Sampo's literature says they have DVI/HDCP and that it is for PC's.
I thought that a connection for PC wouldn't work for a set-top box?

I asked Sampo this question, but they haven't responded. I was interested in the Sampo because of its increased resolution and DVI-HDCP but now I'm not so sure.

GGoodrum's Avatar GGoodrum 12:17 AM 02-18-2003
DVI was originally developed as a pure digital interface for LCDs (and plasmas...) and the timings included were all PC-type formats (VGA, XGA, WXGA, etc.). HD video timings are different (720p, 1080i, etc...). HDCP is just an encryption layer and it is usually just associated with HD video signals.

The DVI in the Pioneer 5002 supports PC timings only. Some HDTVs from Sony, and others, support DVI-HDCP for HD timings but don't support PC signal formats. The new cards from Aurora for the Pios will support both.

-- Gary
CCDAstro's Avatar CCDAstro 08:52 AM 03-09-2003

I bought a Panny TH-50PHD5UY 50 inch last year. Am I mistaken, or is an expansion board either available or going to be for this unit? A Panny .pdf on their plasmas lists a TY42TM4D DVI terminal board for this and a couple other plasmas. Am I wrong, or will this allow dsiplay of HDCP encoded content?

Here is the PDF:


Bill McL
peebee's Avatar peebee 11:47 AM 03-10-2003

DVI yes. HDCP no. Panasonic has indicated they won't support HDCP on our plasmas. I'm still stinging from that one too.
CCDAstro's Avatar CCDAstro 12:18 PM 03-10-2003
Originally posted by peebee

DVI yes. HDCP no. Panasonic has indicated they won't support HDCP on our plasmas. I'm still stinging from that one too.

Typical - and Panasonic was one of the inventors. Well that is the last Panny anything I buy! I already have a Panny DirecTV reciever that is a POS but I may switch to Dish anyway as that new 921 looks great and they appear to be more supportive of HD.

Thank God my Infocus 7200 PJ supports DVI/HDCP!

I tend to agree with those that will view the programming in HD any way, legal or illegal, that they can - by God we paid for it, we are entitled and screw the studios, the government, or anyone else that says I can't watch what I paid for.

Take Care

Bill M
skritch's Avatar skritch 12:45 PM 03-10-2003
Given the number of Panny 42" and 50" plasmas out there, perhaps we should start a campaign to lobby Panasonic to allow a third party to produce a DVI/HDCP-compliant board, since they're unwilling to do it themselves.

After all, this would make it easier for them to extend the life of their existing line, as well as clear out existing stock at a premium once HDCP takes hold.

I wonder if the folks who are producing the boards for the Pioneer would be interested in taking on such a thing, if we managed to get Panasonic to agree to it?
LisaJ's Avatar LisaJ 12:59 PM 03-10-2003
I am almost positive the people who make the cards would be more than happy to make one for Panasonic. It is all up to Panasonic.
cow736's Avatar cow736 04:13 PM 05-08-2003
I have the older Sony 65" Rear Projection TV with Component Input is anyone going to make a DVI/HDCP compliant add-on board for these sets?
rogo's Avatar rogo 10:41 PM 05-08-2003
No, never. And it's impossible to do that. And you should ask RPTV questions in the RPTV forum.
peebee's Avatar peebee 12:52 PM 05-09-2003
Originally posted by LisaJ
I am almost positive the people who make the cards would be more than happy to make one for Panasonic. It is all up to Panasonic.
Originally posted by rogoJ
No, never. And it's impossible to do that.
Rogo's absolutely right, it's impossible to legally add an HDCP decoder, internal or external, to a TV that was not designed for such an upgrade. The HDCP agreement ( , as posted several times here by amillians) requires that HDCP display devices have both physical and software security built into them to thwart user access to any decoded signals. Non-HDCP TV's do not have such security, so they can never be legally upgraded.
Jwong10's Avatar Jwong10 10:03 AM 05-10-2003
Any one can advice whether Philips Plasma can support DVI (HDCP) ?
Jwong10's Avatar Jwong10 10:13 AM 05-10-2003
Can anyone know whether Philips Plasma support HDCP
wildman's Avatar wildman 03:44 PM 05-10-2003
OKAY, I am getting confused again.

The NEC 50" that I am on the verge of puchasing has DVI. It's a 29 pin connector. It is called an RGB and inputs a digital RGB signal (TMDS)

I am just reading from the manual here.

Now, I thought that meant I was covered and I had DVI in a world where the Hollywood studios win.

Am I wrong?
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