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kade's Avatar kade 05:16 PM 08-01-2004
When holding down "enter" on remote I'm able to view usage. My question is it displays RGB 2h and Video 131h with a total 914h. This doesn't make sense . I've had this plasma for 6weeks and watch maybe 3-4 hrs. per day.

Bob Pariseau's Avatar Bob Pariseau 05:54 PM 08-01-2004
Just as a guess, the total time includes the time the plasma has been in "standby".

6x7x24 = 1008 -- a little over your "total" time
6x7x3 = 126 -- a little under your RGB + Video times
Ken Ross's Avatar Ken Ross 06:30 PM 08-01-2004
Your total time is the time measured since you first plugged the unit in.
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