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edrock200's Avatar edrock200 07:51 PM 12-07-2004
jarcher: note the 50" only has a contrast ratio of 600:1 whereas the 42 claims 3000:1.

30,000 is plenty for me...even if I watched a ton of TV, like 5 hours a day:
30,000/5 hours day = 6000 days / 365 days = 16.4 years. If this set lasts even half that I'll be happy.

I probably won't have it setup for a while, hopefully others with this set can post more info. If not one else posts I might be able to set it up again for more pics (preferably at night this time) but it's a pain to unpack and pack, so those who already have it setup, please post info! :)

bobgcampbell's Avatar bobgcampbell 09:50 PM 12-07-2004
Originally posted by edrock200

It has DVI with HDCP, VGA, two sets of component, one set of composit ins, and one set of composit outs. Remote is pretty simple, speakers and stand come attached but are detachable.
I've looked high and low for confirmation of the HDCP, but I can't find it in any of the specs on the web. Did the manual claim this? The spec sheets only say DVI.


edrock200's Avatar edrock200 11:51 AM 12-08-2004
Bob, good question, now that you ask I can't find my source. It may have been on the page I ordered from but since it's out of stock now I can't access that page. It does say dvi/hdcp here:

but thats not really confirming it. I'll email the manufacturer and see.

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PanamaMike's Avatar PanamaMike 01:04 PM 12-08-2004
I was reviewing the thread and saw a post claiming Samsung makes the glass,
another saying Prima? Anyone have a definate answer on this one?

BTW, looks like Vizio uses LG glass.

edrock200's Avatar edrock200 01:26 PM 12-08-2004
Their response to my email regarding HDCP:

Yes. There are a number of HDCP standards issues that
exist in the market overall. It is still fairly

--- "edrock200"
<removed> wrote:

> Is the 4232 set HDCP compliant?
csmith's Avatar csmith 01:34 PM 12-08-2004

Since you are in contact with them, would the rs-232 port be used to update the firmware if the HDCP standards change?

GnatGoSplat's Avatar GnatGoSplat 02:11 PM 12-08-2004
Originally posted by PanamaMike
I was reviewing the thread and saw a post claiming Samsung makes the glass,
another saying Prima? Anyone have a definate answer on this one?

BTW, looks like Vizio uses LG glass.

Prima (Xoceco) manufactures the set, but they could still use Samsung glass. These sets are probably like any other where different components are sourced from different vendors.

I don't know why the 30k hr rating when Samsung has a 50k hr rating, but my experience with Chinese electronics says capacitors in the power supply will go out well before 30k hrs!
DJK42's Avatar DJK42 05:11 PM 12-08-2004
I've been kind of busy at work. You can adjust pic settings at rgb level but it does not have multiple savings.With two component a dvi and rgb I don't see that being a big deal.
Death Vader's Avatar Death Vader 12:12 AM 12-12-2004
Hi edrock200, thanx for posting those awesome pics of this potentially cool plasma.. Can u tell me what actual accessories this set comes with.. I'm getting HD satellite and they told me I needed to have the DVI cable.. Does that come with the set. I also wanted to ask u what ure thoughts are on this set soo far.. I read ure review and wanted to ask u, how well would this set compare with the HD Pannys, and Sonys.. I mean it loox awesome, and the price is great, and the features sound coool, so what do you think is the catch?? Is there a catch? Is this the beginning of a promising new company?? Hey the Sonys and Pannys all started out being unknowns too???!!!
hsawtelle's Avatar hsawtelle 12:56 AM 12-12-2004
one catch is that Tiger Direct isn't selling them anymore
edrock200's Avatar edrock200 12:05 PM 12-12-2004
Death Vader: I'm very pleased with it, however please keep in mind I'm not real good at noticing video differences such as black levels, but as a whole, the picture looks great to me. I can't compare to Panny's or Sony's because I don't own either of those nor have I seen them much at the store. Without a side by side comparison it's hard for me to rate things against each other with visuals. I can compare it to my Samsung HLN 5063W (DLP, 3rd gen I think.) *TO ME* the picture looks very good in HD, I don't know if I'd say as good as the DLP, but pretty damn good, very bright, vibrant, etc. I do think the plasma is brighter.

I'm was mostly impressed with the scalar, it could just do a lot more than my sammy and it looked really good with composit 4:3 stuff in its version of panorama mode.

Accessories: I believe it came with the remote obviously, a set of RCA's, a set of components, but no DVI cable. I'd recommend scoring one off of ebay for $10 or so but I'm fairly certain ALL satellite HD boxes come with a DVI cable if it has a DVI out.

The catch, like hsawtelle said there not being sold by the vendor I bought them from anymore...but thats not really a catch...the catch to me is you ARE taking a gamble. I mean even though I'm happy with this set I'm still taking a gamble. I couldn't buy an extended warranty, its from an unknown company, and only has a 1 year warranty with it. So if it dies in 1 yr and 1 day, I'm out a lot of money. And even if something happens before hand, we don't know how this company will handle it. So if you want known performance and quality, go with a name brand...if you're willing to take a gamble, it's a good set so far.

Keep in mind I didn't use it for very long. Since all other purchasers of this set seem to not really want to share any info (hint hint, nudge nudge ;)) I may unpack it tonight and do more tests. Whatever you guys want tested please make a list of, and I'll try to run through it.
Death Vader's Avatar Death Vader 10:11 PM 12-12-2004
Its great 2 know that u have at least had positive results soo far.. I purchased mine before Tiger ran out again, so I am now looking forward to taking a gamble too.. Heck, 30 years ago when Sony first came out, others were also taking a gamble with their TV sets.. I did some research about Byd:sign and they are a Japanese company too; thus the Sony comparisons.. Since I can't post links yet, if you do a google search of Byd:sign and look at the japanese version, click on translate and u can access their site.. the last letters of the URL should be .jp

Is this a bad Japanese Haiku or a bad google transalation?? (from the top of their homepage)-
It collects the one which has the enthusiasm which is challenged in with anything as one member of the staff collection venture,!

I did notice tho, that they r advertising their ED Plasma (4222) as a new product, yet do not mention the HD Plasma (4232), interesting bit of info. I wanna share with ya'll.. Yes, manufactured in China, yet a Japanese company.. Could be reliable, cross ure fingers peeps..VADER out
edrock200's Avatar edrock200 06:42 PM 12-15-2004
Originally posted by csmith

Since you are in contact with them, would the rs-232 port be used to update the firmware if the HDCP standards change?

There response to this was yes, the port can be used to update the firmware.
edrock200's Avatar edrock200 09:08 AM 12-20-2004
I finally moved and I got the plasma mounted to the wall. If anyone has any other questions about this set I'd be happy to try and answer and provide more photos.
Death Vader's Avatar Death Vader 04:53 PM 12-20-2004
I was just wondering what setting u have ure set on, is it factory or not?? If it isn't, what would be best to calibrate this set.. Any recommendations would be great.. Of course, if shipping wasn't soo damned slow, I wouldn't have to daydream about this set.. I would love to see a few pics of it mounted on the wall.. What wall mount r u using for it.. Thanks in advance, Vader.
edrock200's Avatar edrock200 08:12 AM 12-22-2004
Vader, I used the Rhino universal wall mount.* I haven't changed any settings yet other than the aspect ratio. I found the zoom feature very handy last night. I hooked up a progressive scan DVD player and for some reason the bottom, top and right side had about a 1/2-1" black border, which would be bad for the set. So I zoomed from 1 to 1.06 and it filled the screen nicely.

I'll try to take pics of the set mounted on the wall tonight. If you plan on using the sets built in speakers I recommend you purchase some 1/8" - to - RCA adapters since this set uses 1/8" inputs for audio on all but the A/V jacks. It does come with one 1/8" to RCA cable though which is nice.

*edit* FYI I had to buy some bolts from best buy to mount the Plasma to the Rhino mounts. The bolts that come with the set are too short and the ones that come with the mount are too small.
Kracko's Avatar Kracko 12:40 PM 12-22-2004
Originally posted by edrock200
I hooked up a progressive scan DVD player and for some reason the bottom, top and right side had about a 1/2-1" black border...
edrock200, the 1/2-1" border is because not every movie is filmed at 1.77:1. You'll see that black border on many DVDs.
edrock200's Avatar edrock200 02:44 PM 12-22-2004
Thanks for the info kracko, good to know. I never thought that zoom feature would come in handy but now I see why it's there.
Death Vader's Avatar Death Vader 05:40 PM 12-23-2004
I just hooked this thing up today, and all I can say is OHHHHH MAAAAA GODDDDDD!!!!! Dudes and dudettes, the PQ on it is amazing... I have done my limited visual research for the last 2 months, online blogs and visiting Best B and Circuit City and Good Guys, and from what I can visually gather, I noticed things on the DVD I had not visually noticed before.. The contrast is killllin me.. No it aint at 5000:1, but the 3000:1 really does not blob the blacks and whites.. It is amazing.. THANK GODDDD I did not go with the AKAI, and I went with this, the forum there had peeps complaining about green fog and black pixelation etc, etc... NOT ONE THING LIKE THAT HERE!!! Not with my set anyways, the setting outta the box is pretty cooo. I just upped the contrast ratio settings.. I am NOT exaggerating when I say- HUBBBBBBAAA HUBBBBBBBAA, which when translated means, OHHHHHH MAAAAAA GGGOOOOODDDDDDD!!! (I am using Attack of the Clones as my first visual reference/experience when writing this; Star Wars NEVER looked this good, ok maybe at IMAX better..)
TauRus's Avatar TauRus 10:28 PM 12-23-2004
May force be with you, Death Vader. You might need it ..byDsign ..:)
Death Vader's Avatar Death Vader 12:17 AM 12-24-2004
Taurus, I know what you mean about the reliability issue being that byD:sign is not a household name.. But all I am saying is that the clarity on this rivals all of the plasmas I have seen at all the shops in the last 2 months.. It truly has a three dimensional aspect.. I did also want to say that when I did call their customer service center they were extremely helpful and coool.. So, so far so good, and I may not need the force if byD:sign was contientious enough to use the force in the manufacture of this plasma.
TauRus's Avatar TauRus 08:01 AM 12-24-2004
I was just kidding, DV ;) I do really hope quality will not be the issue. Merry Xmas!
Death Vader's Avatar Death Vader 11:03 AM 12-25-2004
Ok, so you need dvi and other such new hd wiring, don't get ripped off, go to I got my dvi-d cables for a third of the price when comparing to Radio Shack prices... Oh, and they ship overnight so I was able to get mine right when I needed it.. Seriously, check them out..
edrock200's Avatar edrock200 07:00 AM 12-26-2004
Glad to hear you are so happy with the set. I generally get all my cables off of ebay and I get them pretty cheap.

I finally got internet hooked up at my house so I'll try to post some pics of the set wall mounted this evening.

Hope everyone had/is having a great holiday!
edrock200's Avatar edrock200 06:13 PM 12-26-2004
As promised, here are some photos of the plasma wall mounted...theres also some photos of some more HD programming playing on it and a DVD in still don't do it justice, they look blurry, washed out for some reason, possibly because I didn't pause for any pic, so take them for what their worth (and yes, I know I have to clean up the cabling ;)):
Syker's Avatar Syker 07:14 PM 12-26-2004
Nice job! That is a great looking panel.
Death Vader's Avatar Death Vader 12:33 PM 12-27-2004
Excellent edrock200, u inspire me, so I will try to post some pics with some hd feed comin from dish network.. Ok, I had not viewed content by way of the dvi port, and when I finally did thru dish... I need to stop sayin, OHHH MAAAA GGGGOOOODDDDD; but that is what I wanna say... darn near made me want to jump onto the field and play with the dolphins yesterday, when I was watchin the game by way of ESPNHD..
edrock200's Avatar edrock200 09:25 AM 12-28-2004
Death Vader: If you get a chance, will you try something for me please? Hook up a dvd player via components. Set the DVD player to 480p widescreen. Zoom in to 1.39 and wait for a fast motion scene. Does the screen have some wierd "catch-up" issue towards the top or is it my dvd player? It's either the scalar not keeping up properly or not rescaling 480p properly, the cheap dvd player not outputting proper signal, or something with my component input 2.

Also, FYI, the default brightness is pretty high, you may want to turn it down some to minimize burn-in issues.

PS: thanks for the comments syker and vader. :)
TheFerret's Avatar TheFerret 09:33 AM 12-28-2004
Originally posted by pj2004
Anyone see the Byd:sign 42" HD plasma at Might be a new record price for a 42" HD plasma. It's 1024 x 768 and I won't mention the price but it's pretty low. Not sure about quality but the contrast says 3000:1. Might want to check it out...

Manufacturer website is and I attached a spec sheet below.
Since when is an XGA (1024x768) resolution HD?
GnatGoSplat's Avatar GnatGoSplat 10:52 AM 12-28-2004
Originally posted by TheFerret
Since when is an XGA (1024x768) resolution HD?
Since The Beginning.
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