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jhanson's Avatar jhanson 09:08 PM 11-26-2004
This is a new thread to focus on the current status of the problems seen by 7UY owners primarily with s-video sources.

An updated summary of s-video problems and a comparison of different input sources and panel settings can be found at this website. This web page will continue to be updated with the latest testing results:

Problems with the Panasonic WD7UY EDTV Plasma Display

These problems include:

1. Glowing bars from the top and bottom of the screens as bright objects appear in the scene. Most noticeable in letterbox material which provides a dark screen area at the top and bottom of the screen.

2. Brightness banding when there is a high contrast between dark and light objects on the screen (aka "Brightness Bleed").

3. Brighter Corners depending on content. Very noticeable in darker scenes. For example, the middle of the screen may appear a solid black where the corners are a dark brown, but also seen clearly even with completley bright scenes with moving content. The higher corner brightness seems to affect all colors.

These problems appear in all input sources (composite, s-video, and component), however are most noticeable in the composite and s-video inputs. The component problems are to a much lesser degree and not noticeable when watching most source material.

These problems have also been reported by owners of both the WD7UY and HD7UY models in the 7UY series. A few owners have reported that they do not see the problem.

I encourage all owners who are affected by these problems to contact their vendor and Panasonic to let them know of this problem. To date, several owners and Visual Apex has been able to easily reproduce the problem. Panasonic is aware of the problem but has not provided any confirmation or statement on the issue.

Please continue to post your interactions with your vendor and Panasonic in this thread so all owners and prospective future customers can be kept up to date on how this problem is being addressed.




This thread is a continuation of the threads found here:

Problems with the WD7UY
A little concern with my new 7UY

amirm's Avatar amirm 10:45 PM 11-26-2004
Thank you for going through all the work to put together this concise report and web site. I will forward to Panasonic Japan. I am sure their engineers very much appreciate your detailed analysis.

One question though. You say the problem also occurs on other inputs but I did not see any evidence of it on your web site. Did I miss it?

55 AMG's Avatar 55 AMG 12:55 AM 11-27-2004
I'm in the market for one too and a little concerned now that you've got this thread going. Seems like this would be an ongoing issue with this model. Where did you purchase your Pany?? I wonder if there are other who have the same experience with the current Onyx XVS ones?
mangopony's Avatar mangopony 07:15 AM 11-27-2004
I take it you may only want 'problems' noted here but, I must say, to date zero problems with my normal viewing range and habits. I have not tried to seek out problems.
jhanson's Avatar jhanson 09:13 PM 11-27-2004
Amir - The problem occurs with all inputs but is much less noticeable with component. However, if you look carefully at the component calibration screen shots you will see that the middle of the screen is slightly darker. I don't think this is noticeable while watching normal source material, but I did want to make note that the problem does occur with all types of inputs. It is much, much worse and unacceptable with the s-video input, though.

It is unclear if the problem is in the s-video blade itself or in the slot 1/2 D/A converter. The next troubleshoot test would be for someone to try a 6UY double blade in slots 1 and 2 to see if the problem persists. We are unable to test the 7UY s-video in slot 3 due to restrictions on the panel. (see previous threads).

RacerChris - Many people are holding off on purchasing until they see how Panasonic addresses this issue. If you don't mind, please post any inquiries about other panels in another thread so this one can remain focused on the Panny problems. Thanks.

Please let me know if anyone else has any questions or if they have suggestions on how to make my website more clear.


Kirka's Avatar Kirka 01:59 PM 11-30-2004
I haven't been home since reading your solution; but I might try it tonight if I find the service menu instructions quickly. If I can't do it tonight, it probably won't be until Thursday as I have some people coming over for Lost in HD tomorrow night and the last time they were there for it ABC had screwed up the audio. :)
sdhaliwal's Avatar sdhaliwal 04:17 PM 11-30-2004
How can do you get access to the service menu for the 7uy?

dusty144's Avatar dusty144 05:32 PM 11-30-2004
Hold the - vol button on the set itself.

Hit the status button (below power) on the remote three times quickly.

The CATS menu will pop up.

I have to add be careful. Note previous settings.
Also see if it affects your image any.
buellwinkle's Avatar buellwinkle 06:29 PM 11-30-2004
Is this a problem that everyone has or select units? I can see some banding on the right side of the screen but it's so slight and you really have to concentrate on it to notice. My interpetation is that it's just the algorithm they use for stretching the 4:3 picture to 16:9 and it's not there in 4:3 mode. Don't think Panasonic will be able to fix this without taking the units back to do a firmware upgrade. Personally, I would do it if Panasonic recalled them but otherwise, I would probably go NEC next time and avoid the conflict.
jhanson's Avatar jhanson 11:14 AM 12-01-2004
Some people do not see the problem with either the WD7UY or HD7UY.

The glowing bars appear at the top and bottom, not sides. The overall inconsistent brightness can appear anywhere in the screen, but mostly shows up as brighter corners. (I was calling this "blooming", but I don't think this is the correct techinical term.)

The problem appears isolated in the s-video blade OR in the D/A converter for slots 1/2 (where the s-video blade resides).

I've updated my website again today to clean out redundant picture settings and to answer some more FAQs:

Problems with the Panasonic WD7UY EDTV Plasma Display

Brent Madden's Avatar Brent Madden 12:40 PM 12-01-2004
Don't use S-video and so far I've had ZERO problems with my new 50" 7UY. I highly recommend this plasma.
EZrider827's Avatar EZrider827 03:27 PM 12-01-2004
This morning I tested my 50PHD7UY with DVE to see if my set had the same symptoms described in this thread. It does. I then contacted the Panasonic Plasma Engineers dept. I described the problem and e-mailed the website where the problems were well documented with photos. About a half an hour later, the "technician" called back and told me that the problem seemed to be hardware related. He said that he had not seen this before. And that it needed to be looked at by a service technician for repair. In that case he said I should take the panel to the nearest service place. I have no intention of carrying this thing anywhere. Since I have the extended "in-home" service contract, I'll make use of that if need be.

However, there is a bigger issue here. Panasonic must know by now that there is a problem with some, or all, 7UY's. I gather that they have already been informed. So, if there is a solution, then we should be told that there is one and how to proceed to get the fix made. If they don't know how to fix it, what good is a local service guy coming to my home going to do? And if he takes the thing with him, how many weeks will pass by until a solution is found? I would have expected him to say that a fix is being worked on. And that I would be notified when to schedule the service call. But apparently, that's not the case. So, I'm leary about the whole thing. Is Panasonic just "playing-dumb-and-passing-the-buck"? Or, is their problem reporting system really that bad? Hard to tell at the moment.

Anyway, I'll go thru the motions to get the service done via my Philips "in-home" service contract. Hopefully, he can get the problem resolved. Even if it means replacing the TV. I'll report back when I know more.
weslew33's Avatar weslew33 03:36 PM 12-01-2004

That is most disturbing since my Panasonic rep also "played dumb." Also, FWIW, I talked to Plasma Concepts who said that according to its Panasonic rep, Panasonic does not consider this a defect.
Hemi's Avatar Hemi 04:03 PM 12-01-2004

I took delivery of my TH-42PWD7UY on Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and I was able to install my wall mount (Draper W1150) and the plasma by the end of the day. After playing around with it, using only the S-Video connection (DTiVo and an ancient Panasonic A-300 DVD player) I was able to reproduce the problems noted in this thread with my copy of DVE.

Then a thought came to me that said I should try the old copy of VE since DVE was "mastered" for component video as the narration says and VE pre-dates that. Well, lo and behold, the problem was significantly reduced, to the point of it being a non-issue. Another interesting aspect was that with DVE I could not see the PLUGE no matter what adjustments I did, but with VE, it came right up and I was able to set PLUGE correctly. I don't know why this is (Joe Kane might be able to elaborate) but when I plopped in my Monsters Inc. DVD last night - I was blown-away by the quality of the picture.

I am now waiting on a delivery of an Onkyo DV-SP1000 DVD player that I should be able to test all of the other connections with (as soon as the HDMI blade is available) next week so I'll post my findings then.

rickwil61's Avatar rickwil61 04:44 PM 12-01-2004
Originally posted by Hemi

Then a thought came to me that said I should try the old copy of VE since DVE was "mastered" for component video as the narration says and VE pre-dates that. Well, lo and behold, the problem was significantly reduced, to the point of it being a non-issue. Another interesting aspect was that with DVE I could not see the PLUGE no matter what adjustments I did, but with VE, it came right up and I was able to set PLUGE correctly. Dan
Did you happen to try your DVD player with the DVE disk on your old TV to see what it looked like? I did this with my old Panny CRT TV and there was no problem with how the DVE pluge pattern was displayed although there was a problem with it when I was connected to my 42inch 7UY. It would be interesting to see what you would get on a different display.
EZrider827's Avatar EZrider827 07:08 AM 12-02-2004
If you are experiencing the problem described in this thread, you should contact the Panasonic Plasma Engineers directly at:

800-524-1448 opt 2.

You'll be asked to describe the problem. If need be, you could send them an e-mail with your description, or refer them to the web site :

that does the same. If the same complaint is heard often enough it might prompt them to look into the problem further.
GnatGoSplat's Avatar GnatGoSplat 02:08 PM 12-02-2004
Do the plasmas that exhibit this problem happen to have a different firmware version than the ones that don't? Or would blade hardware version numbers happen to differ?
edaly's Avatar edaly 02:23 PM 12-02-2004
jhanson, in regards to other plasma brands not exhibiting this problem, you may want to update your website with this data point from a Pioneer 433CMX owner who tested his panel with the composite input and didn't notice any problems:

jhanson's Avatar jhanson 03:44 PM 12-02-2004
Thanks edaly. I posted to your other thread asking for other non-panny owners to help out.

What would be the best comparison would be someone with a non-panny and the specific DVE pluge screen that the Panny can't process. I'm sure there is someone in these forums with DVE and a non-Panny.

Maybe we just need to start a new thread asking for DVE owners and then see who doesn't own a Panny.

rickwil61's Avatar rickwil61 03:00 PM 12-03-2004
For the sake of trying to have as much information as possible tied to this thread, here is a link to some s-video testing done by another forum member.
GnatGoSplat's Avatar GnatGoSplat 03:05 PM 12-03-2004
Wow, those iScan devices are expensive.
How bad would the PQ be if I used a VGA box to convert S-Video to VGA?
Cholerabob's Avatar Cholerabob 03:22 PM 12-03-2004
Tried that Gnat, results were not better....
GnatGoSplat's Avatar GnatGoSplat 05:54 PM 12-03-2004
Same banding through the VGA input? Or VGA box just not that good?
RickPas's Avatar RickPas 07:03 PM 12-03-2004
Just wanted to let people know that there seems to be some problems with some of the DG boards on the panasonic plasmas...I don't know if it applies to all models..
I just bought the 37" ED Plasma and I've had it for 3 weeks, well the picture shifted to the left of the screen, but only on standard tv and DVD, anything in HD comes in fine...Well seems I'm not the only one who has run into this problem, I called Panasonic today and Customer service told me he has gotten a few calls on this same problem...
Well they are sending a service person out on Monday to verify the problem and hopefully the Store will send me out a new tv....Unfortunatley It is all wall mounted so it only adds to the aggravation of the situation....
Just wanted to post this .....Hopefully it is not something that is happening on all the units that were put out in production, for this particular model, Customer service told me they really don't think so....
housecor's Avatar housecor 10:56 PM 12-03-2004
Sorry to hear. This is the first report I've seen. I'll be interested to hear how Panasonic resolves the issue.
Cholerabob's Avatar Cholerabob 06:44 AM 12-04-2004
Myabe it was the vga box, but results were the same or even worst
Cholerabob's Avatar Cholerabob 06:49 AM 12-04-2004
I contacted someone i know at Panasonic Canada, he is the Reg Account Mgr., Eastern Canada (BPAV). He emailed the Tech dep. with this page and the web page of the problems. Maybe it will get us somewhere...
caeguy's Avatar caeguy 07:11 AM 12-04-2004
Still no word from Panasonic?
Techniwizard's Avatar Techniwizard 08:56 AM 12-04-2004
Latest notes:

AFAIK "the Bird" is aware of serious discussion on both US coasts and on either side of the Pacific pond re: this issue.

Also, Amir's "friend" has communicated in his native language to some of his countrymen stationed here adding to the various reports already made.

The Bird is not at liberty to elaborate further.

T. Wiz
RacerChris's Avatar RacerChris 09:39 AM 12-04-2004
For Everyone's Information, I received the following response yesterday from Jennifer Fetters of Visual Apex on this issue:

3. Any update from Panasonic on SVideo out performance for this monitor? I assume that the specific reference for 30 day returns allowed for Panasonic Plasmas is in reference to this.

Concerning #3, we have received some enquiries into the Panasonic plasma issue you’ve highlighted. As customer satisfaction is of utmost important to us, we have presented these concerns expressed by a segment of users to Panasonic. However as of this time, Panasonic has neither identified nor acknowledged that any problem exists with the S video output. As most plasma owners opt for DVI and component connections because of their inherent superiority, it is entirely possible that the issue will never be acknowledged by the manufacturer. When and if the Panasonic designers and technicians determine a course of action, we will proceed accordingly.

I ordered my 50HD7UY and expect it to be delivered next week. Will update everyone on whether it displays the problem...
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